Don't Settle For Average. Bring Your Best To The moment. Whether You Fail or Succeed, At Least You Know You Gave In Your Best.

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Good day beautiful people. Its another beautiful day and I hope your day is going on smoothly already.


To encourage someone today, I'll like to say you should strive to bring the best out of yourself. Don't just be a common man who prefers to stay on the average level. Don't make anyone intimidate you or tell you you cannot do a particular thing.

Always tell yourself you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Yes, you're not a mediocre and so its a taboo to live like one. Even if whatever you want to do fails or not, at least try.

There's no harm in trying and no man has ever been insulted for trying out something. The same people you are afraid of and are telling you that you can't are the ones that will celebrate you more when you finally do it successfully.

Always ask for the grace of God though, because you cannot do anything with your own strength. Its not by power or by might but by the spirit of God. So strive to be the best always and not settle for average. Have a blessed day.

I remain @Oredebby

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