Enjoying the beautiful charm at dusk at Lhoknga Beach

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Hello everyone
This time I'm going to share some amazing images with all of you. It was my first visit to this place because this place is very far from where I live. It took me about 8 hours to get to this place. Today I brought my family here. After all, the kids were on holiday from school, so I decided to visit the beach with my family. It was getting dark, we hurried to return home. The sun began to set slowly on the western horizon. The sky looked like a golden glow, everyone returned home from the beach. Only people were seen fishing in the rock-breaking rocks by the beach. Well, I think this is a very rare moment at the end of 2020. Where in Indonesia, especially Aceh, it is the rainy season, so moments like this are very rarely found. Without thinking, I immediately grabbed the camera and captured this rare moment. Here are some pictures of the atmosphere of the end of the year twilight by the Lhok Nga beach that I will share with you all. Hope you guys like it. For complete information about this beach, you usually read it here.






ALL Images Taken With Canon M100 Lens Kit 15-45 STM + 55-250 IS II STM + Redmi Note 9 + Macro Lens
Locations : Aceh, Indonesian
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