Betterlife, The Diary Game (10/ 10 / 2021) || Meet with Aceh's Charismatic Ulama and Serve Lunch with Peace and Love

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Hi Steem SEA friends, everyone in this community,
Are you all okay guys?
I hope you are always healthy and happy


After finishing breakfast for families and children with the usual menu, namely Fried Rice, and this menu is included in the most delicious food menu in the world. Wow, really appetizing isn't it? Moreover, it is added with beef eye eggs and a few slices of sausage and fried onions on top. Apparently, this menu is very powerful, and makes activities become enthusiastic again. After bathing the children, after a while, I went to get ready because we were going to a house for my sister-in-law who was in another city. We had to leave early in the morning so we wouldn't be late to help cook and prepare some supplies to welcome special guests.

Preparations to welcome Abi Zahrul

Cooking KeuEung Rambeu Sour Sauce

Arrange drinking water and wash hands

Today is a very happy day for us ordinary people to meet someone who is very authoritative, knowledgeable, and respected by all walks of life. Today we will welcome special guests who have come from far away. We didn't do much, only offered a temporary resting place and entertained guests to enjoy the lunch menu that we had prepared since this morning.

pickled cucumber

Fish sale and Shrimp Sauce

There are several dishes that we are currently preparing, such as** Sale Fish Sauce, Boiled Salted Egg, Chili Shrimp, Tamarind Shrimp, Asam KeuEung Rambeu, Muling Crackers, Chili, and Fried Fish**. All of them have their own uniqueness of taste and shape, and if they are put together there will be privileges, but the biggest privilege lies in the guests who come. Abi Zahrul Acehnese Charismatic cleric and son of cleric Abi Mudi Samalanga.

Eats with Abby

Ask some questions and discuss

He left from Medan because of an event and was about to return to his hometown in Samalanga, but we got a very valuable time and not everyone gets an opportunity like this. He came with his wife, and three children of which his wife and elder daughter wore a headscarf and veil. He also has a student who is always ready to take him anywhere to deliver recitations in several places inside and outside the city.

Husband with Abi Zahrul and others

Me, sister-in-law and Ummi

Sister-in-law and Ummi

After we served the lunch menu for him to enjoy and we also ate together with him but in different places. After finishing the Dhuhur prayer and having lunch, he seemed to be in a hurry and immediately said goodbye to go home and we ignored him into several photo phases that might become valuable memories for us and even for our grandchildren later. My heart and mind felt cool when I met him, I wanted to look at the cleric's face for a long time.

That's it for my diary games story book today in our encounter with the charismatic Acehnese cleric.
Thank you for the Steeming Community and also all Steemians who have visited my block.
See you at another time,
From your little friend,


Where there is a Will there is a Way

Greeting friends!

 2 months ago 

Masyaallah abi zahrul dan keluarga.
Senangnya ya kak dikunjunngi orang alim.

Ini kesempatan yang tak disangka, Semoga beliau dan keluarga selalu sehat

 2 months ago 

Amiiiiin ya Allah

 2 months ago 

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 2 months ago 

That is my teacher, sangat senang bisa melihat wajah beliau yang sangat ceria dalam menebar senyuman.

Semoga beliau sllu panjang umur..

 2 months ago 

Amin, semoga saja kita selalu diberikan umur panjang untuk bisa bertemu dengan orang-orang alim.

 2 months ago 

Semakin dekat kita dengan para ulama semoga semakin besar peluang untuk kita mendapat ridhaNya aamiin.


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