T-shirts and stickers with STEEM Logo for 5 years

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Dear Stemians,

Since registering on steemit in December 2016 and starting to actively write in early January 2017 there have been a lot of experiences and friendships that I got. At that time I was active and became an administrator in one of steemit communities and actively made post every day like now. I can't believe it's been more than 5 years since I became stemians.

Since joining until now, I have several STEEM attributes such as t-shirts and stickers. All of these items are still good condition and used to this day.




I got a t-shirt with STEEM logo from Indonesian Steemit Community in 2017, until now I still wear it because it's in good condition. I have used this t-shirt for about 5 years.


T-shirt with picture of a child wearing traditional clothes and writing in language Aceh "kiban sahabat stemians ? Lee ji boeh kalinyo?" it means "how are you stemians friends? Did you get a lot of vote today"?

The words aceh language became our greeting when we met our friends stemians at Taufik coffee shop located at Geudong.

In 2018 we stemian friends often gather at Taufik Geudong coffee shop for coffee while making post on steemit. Because of these similarities, we finally made a t-shirt with STEEM logo with Acehnese nuance.


I have had atomy community t-shirt with STEEM logo for two weeks. I've used it twice.




The sticker with STEEM logo has been attached to Netbooks and Mirrors for 5 years. Why did I put a sticker there? The reason is very simple, because I use both thing every day. The motivation is that I always remember to post every day on steemit. Until now, the sticker bearing the steemit symbol is still in good condition.


Thanks for support and attention.



Sampai saat ini lon hana bajee steem meu saboh... Kiban cara nyoe..?

 last month 

Nyan yg hana tuoeh lon peugah bang, sang payah ta peugot keudro teuh 🤭

sang meunan bak lon kalon bang... peu na support dari para tetua kira2 meunyoe ta peugot keudroe?

 last month 

Mnyo rame mandum but jalan bang, heut tapeugot secara mandiri. Tapi ada juga komunitas yang mencetak baju untuk delegatordan member seperti Steemsea

Sukses buat bg @acehhero saleum

 last month 


 last month 

Beukah barang

 last month 


 last month 

Ji sipreuk le 01 laju.

 last month 

Seumangat bek keundoe ☕

 last month 

Saya juga punya baju yg ada Kupiah Aceh itu bang...

 last month 

Separte berati 😀

 last month 


Keren ya T-shirts nya, pa kabar Bg harferry??

 last month 

Alhamdulillah baik, disinan kiban ?

Alhamdulillah sama sit..

Peu na neu ikot SP lanjutan???

 last month 

InsyaAllah ikut untuk bln september, kemarin sudah ada kabar

Bereh that bg @harferri

 last month 


Long na saboh bg wate jak u bandung ku peuget awai hahaha.

Kiban sahabat steemit le jiboh kalinyo haha.

 last month 

Yg bek tuwo vote 😀

Hahahahha bereh bg power hana nyo angen itubit.. suwah tamita power ile bak crypto academy jino

 last month (edited)

Hahaha biasa jih abeh kupi nyan haba yg di tubid 😀 mnyo yak wo abeh kupi... sukses buat @daiky69, pajan2 tajep kupi bak tempat roneuh

Get bg hahaha

 last month 

Mantap, accessories lama masih terjaga dengan baik. Good Job

 last month 

Terimakasih bg