Progress Update Putri Aura: Health Care Program; Design and BoQ

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This post is to inform all of you who have supported the program of Putri Aura Health Care Program in the field and this post is dedicated for operational expenditure of ACT-MRI Volunteers who implemented the program in the field

Existing wasing floor and the unscure open well which is needed to be rehabilitated as necessary for Water and Sanitation Program

Hereby I would like to announce he update of the implementation program Family Health Care focusing on Water and Sanitation at Putri Aura House. As the agreement that steem.amal has mad with ACT-MRI, they will implement the steem.amal program in the field and act as the steem.amal focal point. Steem.amal will take full responsible to support the material and any cost arise due to the implementation in the field.

From left to right; el-nailul, Moh. Zaini (Program Division ACT-MRI), Moh. Rusli/Tgk. Raja (Action Coordinator), Muharuddin (General Secretary ACT-MRI North Aceh Chapter)

The final budget meeting has been held on 3 April 2021, with the minutes as below:

  1. Program implementation budget is little higher than the initial plan. The initial plan budget was Rp. 10,000,000 (Approx = 80 SBD)
  2. The operational budget will be covered by El-nailul personal budget
  3. BoQ and the MoU will be followed as soon as possible to have a valid legal basis implementation and accountability transparency.
  4. The implementation will due date on Monday April the 5th.
  5. The time frame of the program compilation for the fist stage program is 10 days with possible extension.
  6. The ACT-MRI wave responsibility to the force major aspect during the implementation
  7. Volunteer perdiem is Rp 50,000/day/volunteer calculated for 10 days for two volunteers

The item that steem.amal will cover for the first stage of implementation are as below:

  1. Sanatition Latrine and washing floor
  2. Water plumbing system
  3. Electricity for the house

The picture of the existing latrine and washing floor with the well in the center

Deep concrete ring well, but the water is good for daily use

Existing latrine of the family of 8, and it is also used by the community around

Fullscreen capture 442021 14824 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 442021 14705 PM.bmp.jpg

The BoQ has been issued as the budget planning purpose and it is also the budget control tools. The BoQ is as below

This BoQ is for budgeting purpose, any deficit and shortage of the initial budget will be covered 50% of el-nailul post and 50% from steem.amal. All the actual cost will be re-calculated after the implementation. Any surplus of the budget will be use for other ongoing program.

Due to the construction time is planned on Monday, today the found has been transferred to the ACT-MRI Aceh Utara headquarter in the bank account of their secretary general Muharuddin Manaf;

The first program found is Rp 7,000,000 (56 SBD) for the program only

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-04 at 10.44.56.jpeg
This found is taken from @steem.amal program baudget

The first perdiem for the operational of the volunteer is Rp. 1,000,000 (Approx = 8 SBD) has been transferred from el-nailul personal budget.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-04 at 10.58.30.jpeg
Perdiem for 2 volunteers operational budget is taken from @el-nailul personal budget

Anyone of you who want to contribute for the program implementation, the found can be transferred directly to @steem.amal wallet. For those who want to support operational expenditure, please support this post of mine willingly. Thank you very much in advance

With steem.amal we do our best to create a better world for humanity


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Semoga saja dengan semua kebaikan para steemian akan mejadi berkah untuk adek Putri Aura dan keluarga


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Semoga akan lahir orang-orang baik selanjutnya. Luar biasa, sangat menginspirasi