Progress Report: Water and Sanitation Program for Putri Aura

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50% of the payout goes to @steem.amal to accelerate the support for 2 burned houses and another 50% goes to operational budget

As for the implementation of Putri Aura Emergency response, Steem Amal has allocated Rp 14,000,000 (140 SBD /1 sbd = Rp. 100,000). The progress is quite significant, the construction has reached 95% within a week. It is a good news for all of us for the construction is as expected.

Total Program Budget has been transferred to ACT-MRI account is Rp. 11,000,000 to finalize the construction, and the remaining balance of the budget is being hold in the steem.amal bank account (El-Nailul Personal BNI Bank Account which has been dedicated to @steem.amal).

The progress can be seen on the below pictures:














What we need to realize is "it is not a one man show" job, we need to work together as a team for making the work easier. Since the issue of the work load of steem.amal operation in the field, it is necessary to evaluate the Board member of steem.amal. It come to conclusion that we need to make a more solid team work to handle the next program and it involve a big deal of professionalism, thus the matter I would like to ask some of SteemSEA member to submit their Curriculum Vitae / A brief resume in order to assign the proper task to right hand.

Here I call for submitting the CV or a brief resume:


Please submit your resume to my whatsapp number no later than April 16th, as I believe that you have saved my number. Please response your availability in the comment section.

We expected to conduct the meeting to build the next program plan and strategy. Besides, the emergency budget need to be set as necessary as well.

With my best regard

Steem For better Life Program Manager

 2 months ago 

Terima kasih sudah mempercayakan kami, besok saya akan mengirimkan CV ke WhatsApp @el-nailul

 2 months ago 

Saya bersedia dan akan mengirimkan CV ke WhatsApp anda.

 2 months ago 

Terima kasih sudah memilih saya. Saya bersedia dan siap melakukan yang terbaik untuk program @steem.amal berikutnya. CV sedang saya susun dan akan dikirim secepat mungkin.

 2 months ago 

Siap laksanakan..

 2 months ago 

Wowww!!! Another great job from you sir and your team. To read and see posts like this is very inspiring and heartwarming.

♥️♥️♥️ godbless for you

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much brother