A Brief Report: 13 Burning House In Lhokseumawe, steem.amal allocated Rp 3,000,000 (33 SBD)

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75% will be donated to Burned Houses in various area, and 25% to Steem.amal

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Image Propertiy of @radjasalman

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The Emergency Response Team Lead by @radjasalman took immediate action today in responding to the 13 Burned house s in Bathupahat, Muara Satu Lhokseumawe. @steem.amal allocated Rp 3,000,000 (35 SBD) for the basic needs while conducting the official survey to the location nearby Lhokseumawe city. As this post is made, @radjasalman and the team still in the location and will provide a complete report on their post and the official report and complete data will be reported to steem.amal board member for a further meeting.

My special thanks to @radjasalman for responding quickly to

the emergency of the 13 unit burned houses in Batuphat and directly purchasing some food items to donate on behalf of the @steem.amal team. At 14.00 today, @radjasalman and the team visited the location to distribute about 90 kg of rice and other kinds of food items.

As a part of emergency response for those burned houses steem.amal Lhokseumawe Field Coordinator @radjasalman had already announced the open donation in his post to raise the fund for supporting the burned house as this link below:


@steem.amal have allocated such an emergency budget a day before the news spreading widely about the burning houses, as you can see the first news was posted by @muahammadrafi as you can read in link: https://steemit.com/hive-103393/@muhammadrafi/musibah-kebakaran-di-bathupat

Today is the first day @steem.amal uses its Emergency Response Budget to purchase the food for the victim of the burned house. Thank you very much for all you and your team have done today. Your great effort is a warm hug for them.

Within 2 weeks there are 4 spots of Burned Houses in North Aceh and Lhokseuawe, it is something that @steem.amal needs to be aware of since the program has been set and going to be executed next week. At the same time, @hariadi and the team also finalize the response to one of the burned houses in Meulasah Pante with a total of 60 Roof Sheets.

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Image Property of @hariadi

These roof 60 sheets will be used to build the temporary house aside from the main house burned out on April 8th, 2021.

Check the galleries:





The total amount of the expenditure of Rp 9,875,000 (110 SBD) has donated in form of various good and cash to

Name: Muhammad Azmi
Age: 42 years old
Occupation: Carpenter
Dependent: A wife and 5 children (underage)


Name: Vera Maulina
Status: Widow
Dependent: 2 children (underage)


Cash Flow Update


Thank you very much for supporting the action of steem.amal in the field.



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