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How do you feel about games in the genre of tactics? I have been a fan of turn-based battles since the time of Xcom, Baldur's gate, Fallout2. Let's see what kind of novelty we are offered by the developers Splash Damage. The brutal omosphere of the series GEARS is immediately noticeable. The plot promises to be interesting


The tactical system is borrowed from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Of course, somewhere it changes, but the foundation remains the same. Here we have Overwatch (the monitoring of a specific zone), characters with unique classes, a choice of missions and so on. However, each mechanic has been modified under Gear Tactics.
First, characters have move points or action points. Unlike XCOM, the heroes of Gears Tactics can make three moves per turn, or more, if they havent finished. This gives tactical scope in battle and helps them finish faster. In 3 moves, you can move, shoot and move again, or even shoot as much as 3 times.


The characters in Gears Tactics move not in the cells of a predefined field, but freely. The graphics are at a decent level, the models are pretty carefully worked out. There is no economic component, it remains for us to equip and pump our squad. A rather strange system of boxed scatter loot on a mission map in which improvements for weapons and armor will drop out. Numerous opponents do not let you get bored attacking in a crowd and using different abilities, I didn’t get to them yey but devs promise a few bosses. The result is a perfectly suitable game to spend a couple of tens of hours in it, but unfortunately not a masterpiece. You can evaluate for yourself by watching my initial stage of the game.

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