Secrets hidden in video games that should not have been discovered

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Since the creation of video games an infinite number of secrets have been discovered that bring multiple surprises to the players, most of them are found by chance, but also through a series of codes that allow you to do things that are normally not allowed inside the video game.

Many times in the programming of a game the developers leave within it certain interesting things, sometimes they do them to make jokes to their colleagues, but for some reason they forget to remove this from the code, remaining in the deepest part of the game programming.

It can also be the case that, at some point in the development, they planned a contest or challenge for the players, however, it would be discarded, leaving aside the possibility of showing it at the launch of the video game, but for some reason, they forget to delete those codes hosted within the game.

This is something that has happened for many years in the video game industry, so many players are looking for things in different titles that programmers left or forgot, finding secrets that should not be discovered.

Next, I'll show you some interesting secrets that gamers discovered in video games. Keep in mind that they were not intended for the end user to see, so they should not be discovered.

Escenario oculto – Demo God of War 3

In-game Demo's offer the player the opportunity to test the gameplay and visualize the graphic details of a game. They are usually short, as you show a small portion of the game, this motivates many users to repeat it countless times, looking for something different each time they play it.

A YouTube user named Findlestick discovered a hidden scenario in the God of War 3 Demo, it was a section for motion tests, so at first glance it didn't have much graphic detail. The funny thing is that when you play the enemies with an attack, a very familiar tune will be played that belongs to the universe of The Legend of Zelda.

Los dedos groseros – Halo 2

Halo 2 is one of the most beloved games of the saga which had its premiere in 2004 for the first Xbox. The PC community was eager to have this title on that platform, as many users, besides playing them, wanted to dig into their codes to find some curiosity.

In its development there was a movement that was eliminated, it was the one of running, this moment of doing it the animation of the weapon changed. It didn't take long for PC users to discover this, but to the surprise of many, if you tried to do this move with the guns in each hand, the Master Chief would show you a surprise with one of his fingers.

Call Apogee - Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D represented a major leap forward in FPS games at the time and made an impact on gamers of yesteryear. Within its programming there is a secret which was very difficult to discover, it is a room that hides a message that said "Call Apogee Say Aardwolf".

This room was created with the purpose of urging the player to find this message with all the deliveries of the classic Wolfenstein, however, before the launch of the game, several programs were already circulating that allowed to explore the content of the game without playing it, so Apogee decided not to continue with the idea of the contest, but the programmers forgot to remove the secret.

These were some curious secrets that did not have to be discovered by the gamers, if you know another one that should be in this list indicate it in the comments section.

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