Played Moles Attack In The ROR Game

in INVEN Gaming2 months ago (edited)

I played Moles Attack today.


Players will simply need to hit the moles that appear out of the holes to gain points.

It is a simple and easy game suitable for all ages.

I scored 18325 for this game.


I played ranking games yesterday but I was not given DIA today even with the game points accumulated.


It looks like there are no ranking game today. 3 games appeared when I choose ranking game but there is no DIA symbol beside them.


This is why I did not play ranking game today since there is none.

All the above game images were screenshot from my mobile phone in the ROR Mobile Game application.

Update: I have just checked the ROR Game app and the ranking games are out. My DIA tokens were issued. (Check after two hours of this post publication)


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