One of the Most Difficult Acro Series on Beam

This is one of the most difficult acrobatic series on beam. Consisting of only saltos and with a massive connection value of 0.4, it's highly rewarded, however, its difficulty makes it a rare combination on beam. Olesya Dudnik was the first to do this back in 1989 (she was always ahead of her time), and besides somebody else from Ukraine who also did this in the mid-1990s, we had to wait nearly 30 years to see this gorgeous combination again.

This ranks up there with the Produnova vault, which is so difficult to land that nobody else other than Elena Produnova herself has been able to land it properly since 1999. For me, it takes something as remarkable as this to really deserve the word amazing.


This is such a complicated series. So much can go wrong. It's very easy to jump slightly sideways due to the first side areal. It's so risky! I love it, by the way. Often I find that difficult combinations are not the most beautiful ones. But This one is really aesthetic in my view.


Definitely one of my all time favorite combos on beam.

Que hermoso.
No soy experta en este tipo de deportes, pero si fanatica.
Es increible como ejecutan sus movimientos. Un deporte que enamora por lo estético y por la seguridad de cada movimiento.
Tuve una tía (fallecida hace menos de 5 años aproximadamente) paterna quien durante muchos años fue Juez Internacional de Gimnasia Artística por Venezuela. Se deleitaba con cada presentación, con cada evento.
Y es que la verdad, un deporte hermoso.

Es un deporte que requiere duro entrenamiento, pero es precioso de ver. Lamento que falleciera tu tía, pero creo que fue muy afortunada, pues seguramente pudo ver muchísima gimnasia en directo.

Si.. así es. Disciplina. Dedicación. Esfuerzo. Compromiso y Amor por la Gimnasia.
Y si... mi tía se disfrutó toda esa belleza.. lo amaba.

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