Gymnastics - 6 Amazing Russian Gymnasts

in Sports Talk Social2 months ago (edited)

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, many people thought that we would see gymnastics from the countries coming out of that split become champions. Unfortunately, after a short period when Ukraine produced 2 consecutive Olympic champions (nearly 3, if Viktoria Karpenko hadn't had the famous stumble on floor at the all-around), and possibly due to lack of funds, only Russia continued being a gymnastics powerhouse.

The 6 gymnasts in this video are some of the best Russian gymnasts either because of the Olympic medals they brought home (Mustafina, Khorkina & Komova), the number of world championships they have won (again Khorkina, Komova & Mustafina), or because they were innovators who created new skills or elements that are still named after them in the gymnastics Code of Points, such as the Fabrichnova dismount on bars or the Produnova vault.

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