Gymnastics - 6 Amazing 2021 New Seniors

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It's hard to imagine how hard it must have been for the gymnasts who moved to the senior "division" in a year like 2020: they were training for most of her life to compete with the best gymnasts in the world just to see most competitions, including the Olympic Games, canceled.

Now, many other gymnasts are also growing up to be senior in 2021, and we can only wish that their luck is much better than their predecessors from 2020.


Ah! How lovely to see Julia Birck in your compilation, @springwind46 !

It must be extremely hard for many gymnasts that they must wait a year for the Olympics or even longer. Above all because strong young gymnasts are turning 16 and compete for the spot in the team. Above all in a sport where many athletes only do one Olympic Cycle, this is extremely heartbreaking.

I hope they will have their chance to shine as soon as possible!

@elenahornfilm 🤸🏼‍♀️

I think Julia Birck can do very well, and, even though she might not have as much difficulty on floor, for example, she is a great dancer, a rare thing these days.

I also hope that these girls, and everybody turning senior this year for that matter, get a chance. Unfortunately, the FIG has announced that there are already a couple of World Cup cancellations, such as Cottbus and Stuttgart. I wish this wouldn't affect the Olympic Games, but it's not looking very good. Fingers crossed!

The entire gymnastics community in Germany is shaken up a bit at the moment. Not just due to Corona but due to the scandal, that broke loose. The Spiegel investigations about the mental abuse of the athletes really sparked controversy about the sport.
When do coaches understand that success doesn't come from stripping athletes from their dignity?

I didn't know that the was a scandal also in Germany. You're so right, it's such a shame that so many coaches think that the Karolys style is the right one: humiliating, insulting, making gymnasts feel they're worth nothing,... that behavior should end.

I agree. Also the idea that a gymnast is on the top of her abilities at the age of 16. The aestetic idea that the best gymnast is a pre-puberty gymnast. The sport needs to get rid of this thinking!

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