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Straight to it and no messing around, this is what you have to do.....

WRITE A POST and drop a link in the comments here.


NOMINATE SOMEONE ELSE'S POST and drop their link in the comments.

The winner will be the person who creates what I consider to be the best post of the week. That's it!

Q. What are you looking for?

A. The most well thought out and interesting post that has obviously taken a bit of effort to write.

Q. When does the competition end?

A. It starts on a Sunday usually and ends on a Saturday usually. Depends on my off-chain schedule.

Q. Can the post be about any subject matter?

A. Of course, as long it wouldn't normally get downvoted by the Referees! @actifit, @dlike, anything else are all acceptable entries as long as the answer to question 1 is applicable!

Q. Can I just copy and paste or spin or plagiarise an article I find online?

A. Of course you fucking can't but it's a good point as all entries will be checked very, very carefully.

Q. I support Manchester United, can I enter?

A. You can enter, but it's doubtful you'd win.

Q. Who are the judges?

A. There is no plural. It is I.

Q. Can I enter more than once?

A. Absolutely. Every post that appears here has the potential to win, however, if people start spamming my comments feed with shite, they will be downvoted to invisibility!

In all seriousness for a minute, I simply hope to get some great articles to read and of course, there will be as many upvotes as I can muster for those who take the time to join in the fun. There really are no rules, it's just a case of suck it and see this week and see what happens. I would, of course, be grateful if people could resteem this post on STS and on the main Steem feeds and even drop the link on Scorum to try and get a few new members on board and joining in here.

The small print. What I say, goes and if you don't like my decisions or contests, you don't have to take part. Think of me like the Kim Jung Il of the contest world.

Final thing. If you share this to facebook or twitter etc and also drop the link for proof, there will be extra big upvotes!

That's it. Get to work

Marching On Together


PS If anyone does have any questions, feel free to say hello on SPS discord channel or send me a message in general chat. I'd prefer not to get a private message there to stop any possible complaints of dodgy behaviour which there will be none of. I am @nathen007 on discord.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay


Q. I support Manchester United, can I enter?
A. You can enter, but it's doubtful you'd win.

In which case I assume I get extra points for trolling their supporters on their crapy transfer record

It will go on my twitter account in about 45mins just as United fans are starting to get active in the run-up to the Wolves match

Hahaha absolutely and thanks for taking part. Five hours in and I have one renowned comment self-upvoter. Someone who can't work out what they have to do and your good self!!
I have a feeling this is going to be like pulling hen's teeth!

Haha, well give it some time. You know nobody actually reads anything around here so it'll probably take a few rounds before you see some good action but you'd have thought that that 10K SPORTS and a million delegated for a week should prove enough of an incentive to wake people up

I love contests specially Sports related contests. I appreciate your efforts. My fully support with you.

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I may as well give this a shot. It's a decent initiative and I'm surprised the comments aren't flooded already.

Here's my pre-match breakdown for Tottenham vs Manchester City:

Thanks. Excellent timing as I was going to give you a little nudge later!

I already put how I am way for Phil, seeing the same clusters making 6 figs repeatedly and some people who imho are doing better work making far less ...........well, I say Phil Newton is beyond deserving knowing his character and how he is as a person.

I've been a little watching endless videos of Liverpool since I got back from the match yesterday. It's a full time job these days! :D

Just dropping this off HERE. Its my opening 6 nations match review - Wales vs Italy

Thanks!! If nothing else, we are going to get a really good gazette of decent articles to read :-)

I nominate Phil Newton, really any of his posts are worthy and good,
he works hard, has a good heart and I feel is deserving of this, bigtime. this is a good initiative

@scarletreign thanks for that, but next week will you not nominate or comment as I will ask you to be a judge please :-) Will hit you up in Discord late if that's ok !

oh yeah sweeeet, for sure, sorry if I didn't do the format for it I just can't hang up my pom poms
I blame cheerleading

Great work dear friend @leedsunited, It is an amazing opportunity for the content writers. I will try my best to participate.

Still don't get what this post is trying to insinuate

Can I participate with a publication about "Races with Obstacles"? It is an event where I participated as a judge, and I would like to use it to enter the contest.

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