Faucet #1 [ Status: LEGIT ] - DuchyCorp.space [ Repost ]

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[ POST UPDATE : 02.10.2020 ]
Status : LEGIT | Paying ------ Functional : YES ------ HIGH PAYING
If you don't believe it, TRY IT! I'm sure that you will not regret it!
Link : https://autofaucet.dutchycorp.space/?r=fantasywork

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Link: https://brave.com/arc360
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Hello Guys!

Today I want to show you a great faucet named DuchyCorp. I discovered them a little time ago, and I started to try it. After a couple of days, I was surprised, because I earned 10 cents in crypto with approximately 0 time and effort. Now, I started to get serious because I heard that are lots and lots of people that have earned more than 20$ in crypto in a very short time. Earnings from the website will be some amount of DUCHY COIN, that is their fake coin for website use only with the rate at 100.000 DuchyCoin /per 0.46 $.


The first base of profits it's the Offer Wall where you can make around 0.05$ - 1$ per offer. The second one it's the Short Links, where you can make 10 cents/ day. The third one it's Smart Links where you can make for about 2 or 3 cents/day. The last ones it's "Surf Ads" and "PTC Wall" where you can make a few cents, depends on how many ads they are.


They have a "Rainbot" that gives 40 active users some random coins for about 10 times a day. Also, they will pay you around 1$ - 2$ on Social Jobs for posting payments proof on some websites. Another bonus it's Roll Dice and Roll Coin where you can make from 0.001$ to 0.20$ in Crypto for "Roll Coin" or DuchyCoin for "Roll Dice".


Bonus on level 1 -> + 0.2% Bonus for every claim
Bonus on level 100 -> + 20% Bonus for every claim
Bonus on level 200 -> + 40% Bonus for every claim
Bonus on level 300 -> + 60% Bonus for every claim
Bonus on level 400 -> + 80% Bonus for every claim


Day 1 -> + 0.5% Bonus for every Roll Game ( Duchy / Coin )
Day 100 -> + 50% Bonus for every Roll Game ( Duchy / Coin )
For every Consecutive Day you claim at least one time on one of Roll Games (Coin Roll or DUTCHY Roll), you get a 0.5% increase in each Roll Games Rewards!
The Maximum Loyalty Bonus is 50% (100 Consecutive Days)
If you don't play to Roll Games for more than 24 Hours, your Loyalty Bonus will be reset to 0%.


The first one it's Miner, it's not much to say about it, but it's pretty useless. Auto Faucet it's the useless thing on the website because they have the function to exchange "DuchyCoin" in any crypto that they have. Of course, it's a fee exchanging duchy to crypto ( 5% fee ), but exchange it's faster if you want to withdraw daily and to be sure that nothing will happen with your coins.
You can use the exchange from 30 duchy!

Referral PROFIT

For those that you invite :
You will earn 20% of every referrals roll game faucet claims.
You will earn 10% of your referrals offerwall earnings.
You will earn 20% of your referrals shortlinks earnings.
You will earn 5% of referrals Autoclaims Rewards who uses "Express Mode" NEW
(Sent directly to Expresscrypto.io, you need to enter your EC UserId to receive this commission).


You can use the exchange from 30 duchy / sat to exchange in every coin you want from the website.


Here you can buy DUTCHY Autoclaim Tokens with cryptocurrencies
Current Deposit Price : 100000 DUTCHY = 0.46 $
Minimum Deposit : 0.00051819 BTC ( 5,46 $ ) = 1.141.304 DUTCHY
You can deposit duchy to exchange in any coin you want !


You can withdraw your coins from 1 to 5 cents ( depends on the coin ) through : Blockchain ( Private Wallet ) / Micro Wallets / ExpressCrypto / Paper Wallet


44 Coins --- > Bitcoin , Bitcoin-Cash , Dogecoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dash , Tron , Digibyte , Potcoin , Neo , Peercoin , Bytecoin , Ripple , Waves , Stratis , Lisk , Tezos , Zcash , Monero , Cardano , EX-Gold , EX-Silver , Ethereum-Classic , EOS , Qtum , Nem , Komodo , Nano , SmartCash , Reddcoin , Basic-Attention-Token , Stellar Lumens , Groestlcoin , Ubiq , Nimiq , IOTA , Ravencoin , Electroneum Binance , Horizen , Chainlink , Blackcoin , Cosmos , Pivx



They have 44 coins from you can choose to withdraw
Withdraw to Blockchain / Microwallets / Exprescrypto / Paper Wallet
Withdraw at 1-2-3 cents ( depends on the coin )
Refferal system with 20% earnings from them
Auto Faucet
Roll Dice
Short Links
Offer wall
Smart Links etc..
In my opinion it's not much to say, just start earning TODAY HERE !
Link: https://autofaucet.dutchycorp.space/?r=fantasywork

Withdraw Proof :



In my opinion it's not much to say, just start earning TODAY HERE !
Link: https://autofaucet.dutchycorp.space/?r=fantasywork


Link: https://autofaucet.dutchycorp.space/?r=fantasywork
Link: https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/394980
Link: https://althub.club/r/76066

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