TRONEurope Giveaway!!

!! Attention!! TRONEurope Giveaway!! ENG

To celebrate the year 2021 and our new community on Steemit, we're giving away 500 TERC to one of YOU. Anyone who subscribes to the “World of Tercium Community” by January 31, 2021 at 12:00 UTC and leaves a comment here under this POST. What you comment is up to you .., take part in the raffle, good luck to everyone!

Here are the rules

Bots are excluded from the competition.
The Steem comment picker decides whether to win or lose (
The winner of the current raffle will be announced in a separate post.
There is no compulsory upvote or Resteem. Nevertheless, we would be very happy to have a Resteem.
You must have a reputation of at least 30.
For the sake of fairness, I ask you to really only submit one comment and only participate with one account.
!! Attention!! Duplicate comments lead to exclusion.


For the community! Steemit is a very special platform, as you get rewards for adding content. In addition we will upvote every Tron-Europe related content posted in our World of Tercium channel, which earns our active community members even more rewards! So let’s be active and creative to grow our content and community on steemit. It’s not decided yet, how the growing pool of TERC will be used, but you can be sure that it will be something special!



Bist ne Allianz mit den Koreanern eingegangen?

Ja Go East..:)) community erweitern..

find ich gut ;)