A Massive Banyan Tree Under The Blue Sky.

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My dear friends!
This is @md-raju from #Bangladesh 🇧🇩



The view of the blue sky after the light rain in the afternoon is so beautiful. What was the population of the world in the last century. Then a handful of people lived on earth. And most of the settlements were riverine. Every town lived near the river so that they could travel easily. Because the transportation system was not good before. At that time waterways were the only means of transportation. Moreover, at that time he was making a living for months. Huge banyan trees could be seen along every river. Friends, you can see in this picture that there are some rows of boats tied on the bank of a river. Many people live here and they make a living by fishing.



In the rural environment, where the four roads meet, there is a huge banyan tree. And there is a tea stall under that banyan tree. There are not many stories. How many people go there and hang out. They sit in that stall and share their experiences throughout the day to relieve their fatigue. Politics is widely discussed here. There is a lot of discussion about the country here. All these tea stalls are the tradition of rural Bengal. Friends, in this picture you can see a small shop under a huge banyan tree. Tea is sold in these shops.







May Allah bless you all.

Thank you all.

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