spiritual meditations How to overcome yourself and fix your mistakes

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spiritual meditations
How to overcome yourself and fix your mistakes

Dangerous habits that destroy yourself and how to stay away from these habits Habits are the continuation of doing something in the same way, and the individual cannot leave these habits.

first habit :- 😉 1
Lack of respect for self and soul:-

The soul and the soul are the spiritual guide to the human being, and here the soul and the soul must be rationalized in one direction, which is respect for the soul and making it a good and polite soul.
Types of soul:-

assured soul:_

It is the kindness that does everything that is good, it pardons, it forgives, it is not arrogant.

Evil soul:

She loves everything that is evil. She loves lies, problems, and adultery. She loves committing sins. She is a diabolical, treacherous soul that kills.

The Allamah Nafs:-
It is the same who makes mistakes and blames himself for returning to God

The second habit:

Surrender to my problems
The youth of all problems is the inability to confront and find actual solutions to all problems. Each problem has a solution. The basis of the problem is not to act correctly. If we learn the way to solve all his money, there will be no problems.

The third habit

Among the worst, clear habits on self and health, smoking causes digestive and immune system diseases. This bad habit should be avoided and bad friends should be avoided.

Fourth Habit
Drinking alcohol and drugs:-

The reasons for these habits is to accompany friends who are alike, who are fans of alcohol and drugs. These habits destroy health and self and cause death. These habits must be avoided.

The fifth habit
The practice of masturbation:-

The reasons for this habit are extreme loneliness. You should not be alone. If you are single, look for a wife. If you are single, you should occupy your time with useful things.
The sixth habit
Not praying Leaving prayer:-
Worst of bad habits, you should organize your time for prayer, follow this system, and maintain prayer.

Seventh Habit
Weakness of the human soul

The soul is weak and worse in the sight of God. It is a soul that is praised for committing disobedience. The soul must be strengthened through prayer, supplication and doing good.

How should you stay away from these habits:

To occupy your time with me

Don't give up on yourself

Away from friends alike

#Learn new customs and traditions
#Find good friends and flaunt them


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