What to consider when buying land||Check Out!

in Threespeaklast year

Here are a few points. The list is not exhaustive, but it should get you ahead:

  1. Do an official search with the respective lands office.
  2. Enlist a surveyor to confirm the land quoted in the search letter is actually the same as what you're viewing or intend to purchase.



  1. Confirm measurements on the ground tally with those on the title and search letter. Check for markstones on the ground.



  1. Confirm there's an acccess road both on the title and the ground.
  2. Make inquiries from immediate neighbours and local authorities.
  3. Don't ignore your gut feeling, and don't rush. Don't get pressured by the seller to act before you're ready.
  4. Spread your payment in at least 2 instalments where possible, even if just 1 week apart. Even when you have the full amount at hand.

There's no such thing as too much due diligence. Land is an investment and you're paying your hard-earned money. Just be reasonable.

Thank you.