What is the Covid19 CFR rate? + updates + Iran videos

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In this supporter video I go into videos from Iran as well as provide updates on Covid19. I also talk about what experts are saying in regarding the number everyone wants to know - the CFR rate.

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It is a sobering thought to consider how the awareness of the asymptomatic spread of SARS-2-CoV will be brought to the attention of folks that have not been paying attention to information not broadcast on TV. Those people will be likely to panic, react emotionally, and be the cause of the problems censors claim to prevent by concealing the facts.

Censors are the cause of panic, because it is the sudden realization that what they have believed is a lie that reduces people to panic. When they are forewarned they do not experience that sudden disillusionment, which is what causes the actual panic. It is the lies themselves that causes panic. People like the enemedia, the WHO, politicians, and other liars misleading people regarding existential threats are exacerbating the harm this pandemic is going to cause. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives are going to be directly lost because of this misinformation and the panic it causes it's victims.

Propaganda is mass murder for profit. It's not harmless. These mass murderers need hanging. Frankly, hanging is too good for the WHO. After millions of people understand the deaths of their loved ones has been caused by the WHO, I expect mobs with torches and pitchforks will be looking to burn them at the stake.

'The proper course of philosophy is action.' I don't recall who said this, but I agree. Those of us that have paid attention, and grasp that there is mass infection ongoing right now that will not produce symptoms for ~2 or 3 weeks need to act on that information. People that don't know they are sick are spreading the disease, and we need to not be infected by them.

It's time to get out of the cities. Stop shaking hands, hugging, and kissing to greet people. Spray keypads, door handles, and light switches with bleach before touching them. Personal contact with people or surfaces they have touched seems to be a primary cause of transmission. Each of us is completely in control of whether we are infected that way and can prevent being infected through that route.

Act and live.


Yes, I one hundred percent agree, about censors being the cause of panic - they create a "sudden shock" which means that people lose it all at once, instead of slowly come to an understanding and are given time to prepare. Also, about what you said about time to stop shaking hands - that has come alright. Also I am making planes to get out to the county. Even further - although my house-bus now has engine problems. But I have other plans would are going to start getting into action. I always said to myself - I would wait until 100 causes confirmed, but I am coming to the opinion, that when they finally ever confirm that - there will likely already be an exponential growth and hundreds of thousands of unknown cases. There is just no trust now in any institutions - plan flights still open here in new Zealand with Iran, and Italy - both in the midst of one-in a hundred year epidemics.

I also have made arrangements to relocate out of the madding crowd. I also have done what I can to ensure my rent is paid during the coming lack of work I face. The work I do cannot be done in PPE, so during an epidemic in which aerosolized virii can be transmitted at ten meters distance, working will ensure contracting the virus, and the current statistics reveal that were I to get it, I would have a ~60% chance of ending up in the ICU, and that would give me a ~50% chance of living.

Those are pretty bad odds, and I'll seek better odds. However, I have long felt government has been preparing to transition to a world order that better suits folks that consider themselves El-ites, and I note that FEMA camps have been surreptitiously prepared all along the West Coast of the USA since early January under the cover of Emergency Homeless Housing - which remain unoccupied despite plenty of homeless yet living on the streets.

It appears to me that those camps will actually be used to quarantine infected civilians (perhaps including the homeless), where, once completely dependent on FEMA for life and liberty, those hapless civilians will be deprived of both. I intend not to be interned in such a camp, and that will require more than simply being highly visible outside of outbreak clusters. It will require cryptic self-sufficiency, and that is far more challenging than merely preparing to not get infected. Cryptically growing food is a challenge many have never considered.

I am beginning to do it. I dunno what NZ has instead of FEMA, but I bet it will soon become apparent it is doing the same thing the US regional and federal governments have been, and you may prefer to not be locatable in your truck. Continuing to communicate to we followers will be especially challenging under such circumstances, and I do not recommend you undertake the risk of so doing. Do what you reckon is best under the circumstances you expect to eventuate.

I bid you great success in that, and all your future endeavors.


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