Awesome post. I like it

oh I didn't know you play minecraft, what version are you playing?

 3 months ago 

All The Mods 3, it is a large kitchen sink mod pack (meaning it has a ton of mods).

oh ok, it'll be interesting to play when I have time (I hope my calculator can run it)

 3 months ago 

I was planning a Steem Minecraft server, had one up for a while but never made it public and announced it.

I was about to tell you to make a Minecraft Server, it's fun to play Minecraft with other people.

I haven't played Minecraft in a while, but it would be nice to take a look at what's new, you could also consider realms (if you want a vanilla server)

 3 months ago 

I can't handle vanilla, way too simple and boring for me. I run so many mods that I am building wifi networks in the world with nuclear reactors and programming computers (in game) with LUA to automate the reactor and charging of batteries.

The mods get pretty insane, out of the 200+ mods installed, Vanilla minecraft would be less than the most simple mod.

Oh shit, programming computers in game? WTF. I'll start to download it and see how it works, how much RAM you pc has? Mine has 8 and well, tbh if my pc can't run it I don't want it to blow up

I always played with friends and it was always fun, the servers I had were created using Aternos as they were free, although the server crashed every 3 seconds but it was worth hahaha

 3 months ago 

I have 32G of ram on my box, but I'm a bit of a nut, I have zero tolerance for waiting for a computer.

Here is a simple example of using ComputerCraft for making a password door.

Another mod called OpenComputers

You can run Wifi and Network cable throughout your base to do some cool things with computers.