Gains delegation over 1000 SP - what is typical German for you?

in Threespeak2 months ago

Advertising contribution for our community Steem-Germany.

In our first big competition we would like to find out from you what is typically German for you.

Link to the competition:

You can publish your contribution until 20.06. via our community. After that the winners will be determined.

You can win a delegation for 4 weeks.
Prize a delegation of 500 SP for 4 weeks
Prize a delegation of 300 SP for 4 weeks
Prize a delegation of 200 SP for 4 weeks

Conditions of participation

First of all, if you have not already done so, you must become a member of our community Steem-Germany

Publish the contribution about our community

Write a post with at least 200 words on the topic what is typically German for you.

Set the TAG steemexklusiv - you can of course set other TAGs. If you have translated the article into German, and only then use the TAG deutsch.

It would be nice if you would also translate the post into German, but this is not a condition.

I also tag steemcurator from Steemit inc. once here - maybe they support our raffle and the winners will then get a vote through a Booming account or from himself.

Since we are active with our community Steem-Germany only since a few days we have to grow first of course and for this reason we will have such a contest every week.



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