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Hi all, here is the video version of the fourth episode of my podcast.
This week I speak about money. What is it? and how the ecoVillage deals with it.
If you haven't heard of the ecoVillage model, check out the website for more info: https://ecovillages.io

Hope you enjoy! If you would rather listen to the audio version, it is my post before this one.

The show is live every Thursday, 22:00 UTC. If you would like to listen live and interact through the chat, you can join the MSP-waves discord cahnnel (http://minnowpond.org/).
Or if you prefer, you can listen to the live show on vimmTV (https://www.vimm.tv/@msp-waves), or on the MSP waves broadcast network (http://mspwaves.com/home/listen/)

Hope you enjoy!

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@tipu curate

Really enjoyed the show last night, as always!

3/4 of my way through it.. saving the end for tomorrow..
quite the philosopher mr orlev .. always interesting easy listening with your show.. <3

Thx so much!!.. Yeah, I try to keep from rambling too much and stay on point... Sometimes I manage more than others.. But glad you enjoyed it so far 😊

Loving to see you showing up not just for yourself, but for the community. Nice one, Sir. :)

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