The mistakes we do in promoting steem !

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In this video and post I want to share my opinion about promoting steem.

I want to let every steemian knows about the mistakes we are doing while promoting steem in other social media.

So, most of us know the ethecs in steem but, we don't know them in other social media.


For example, I want to start by talking about creating videos in steem and writing posts. I noticed that steemians don't watch a lot of videos and they prefer to read. That's why usually people here write big texts and share pictures with their posts. The more text you have and the more pictures you put in the post, the more it considered as quality post.

Even if you spend hours creating a video, you will notice only a few people watching it, but the post is seen for sure by more people. Unless you are using clickbates, what people don't like that much.

So, I will write text in my posts with the video from now.

Now, let's move to promoting steem in other social media and let's discuss the issue there.


So, we usually share our steemit links there and always add the tag ''steem'' thinking that we are promoting steem that way. The mistake here, is to always share the links every single day with the tag, what make algorithms of other social media think that the user is a spamer.

But, if we share there only text or video, I think we will have more visibility to our accounts and we can always share our steemit links in the discription of our accounts.

That way, other social media will boost our accounts faster, they will not think that we are spammers and in the end we will have more followers there and in case we promote steem once a week, it will have even more effect than promoting it every single day.

Even steem community, when they see you having a lot of subscribers or followers in other social media, they will support you even more.

In the other hand, we have a lot of followers in steemit it self, so we can share that with the world outside, and they will be interested in joining steem and to be promoted here by us.


So, we will help that way steem, ourselves and others.

I'm promoting steem in other social media, you can follow me there :

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