The English Club created by me and Darek from California !

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I want to share my great memories of creating an English Club in Russia.

The video show them all. When I watched the video I really cried and I don't cry that often in my life. The video was created more than 6 years ago. It's in youtube and I'm afraid that it will be deleted from there and I know that in @threespeak videos stay forever, so I uploaded it here as well to remember again those great memories and to have those fantastic feelings.


Here is the story of that video :

When I traveled to Russia in 2010 and start studing here. I didn't have a lot of time to find firends here and even being here, I still need the web to find people to talk to. So, I was thinking, what can I do and I created an English Club. I was living in a town called Novocherkass and that's why I called the club ''English Club N''. When I created it, I started in a
dormitory where I was living with other students from all around the world. First I've found a few foreigners who speak English and I still rememebr their names. ( Luis from Mexico, Samuel and Silvia from Indonesia, Sasha from Azerbaijan ).


We were meeting in the room of Sasha, because he lived in a big one. Then I met a guy from Armenia, he was a very active and well known in the town and he interduced me then Darek from Califoria. That way our group start growing a bit and we bacame really like family. I mean we were making meetings once a week even with Russians, but most Russians were visiting us just to practice English. The original members were foreigners including me and only one or two Russians were really close to us. You can watch in the the video what we were doing.


Darek even taught us how to play baseball and we learned a lot of English with him. But, we also did our best to make him feel home because he traveled from California L.A. to a very little town in the Russian south and he hadn't so many friends here. He was teaching in an English school here called ''Language Link''. I don't think he was doing that for money, but only for fun because they were paying about like $1000 a month. That was a good money here, but I don't that's a lot for an American. He's living in Moscow now and he earns there way much more than in this little town. Maybe about $5000 a month or more, because he gives also private lessons and he works with big companies here like Yandex. ( It's the Russian google ). I talked with him about 3 years ago and then he just disappeared. He's not replying me anymore for no reason. Maybe he's just having a new life and decided to forget about all us. Even Smuel and Luis told me that he's not replying them.


Anyway, I helped him a lot with my English Club and when he was bored he was calling me and I was visiting him home, because I was living in a dormitory and I was a student and he was living in an appartement and he was a worker. I think it's lucky to be an American in Russia. They are really paid well here and loved by Russians. You may not believe that, but citizens are really good here with Americans especially. Don't believe the news, Russia is a peaceful country and you can ask those who visite it in FIFA 2018. But, it's not what I want to talk about.


So, once I decided to take with me pictures we made with the Club and I created a Power Point file and Darek helped me to edit it, because my English wasn't that good. So, i put the video in youtube and kept working with the club and even monetized that a bit, because I was gathering my firiends and Russians to practice English. First we started with an Anti-café and that's where people pay for time, but not for what they eat and drink. Then I found a house where I was gathering people. Then I even rented an office and that was already in an other city where i met my wife, but that's an other story.



The English Club was my dream and I wanted to make it like a network in all Russia, but because I didn't have enough money and citizenship, I just stoped everything and start teaching other languages I know online, but it didn't went like I expected. I tried a lot of websites to earn money and a lot of ways, but now I'm a full time steemian till I will get the citizenship to start working normally. I don't yet know what I gonna do, because being an immigrant for so long time and now a parent make me wanting to work only from him. I may just start to record lessons and share them from @quadrilingual to find clients in steem and to invite my clients from outside steem to join here for a discount.

Anyways, enjoy watching the video with my best memories. ☺

You can also take a look at the group where we were sharing our pictures and videos : ( that's in the biggest Russian social network )

I will try to invite all those members to steem and I will share this post in the group. I will try to contact them one by one.


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Looks like a whole lot of fun good on you for keeping it forever 💯🐒

Yeah, that was a lot of fun and I will share more of that. ☺

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Thanks a lot. ☺