Powered up almost 250 steem for SPUD8 !

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In this video I shared my feelings about #spud8 !

I'm glad to participate in this movement.

Thanks to @streetstyle , @xpilar and @reflektor and other great steemians for supporting this.

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Yeah man! Well done! I will follow you soon!😉💪✌️

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That's great. Let's all do it. ☺

Amazing Idea of the posting sir I appreciate your posting

Be careful. I see that you're new to steem. Comment only with related comments to the topic of the post or you will be flagged.

I tweeted this to promote steem blockchain in twitter : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1/status/1200911019452878848

Thank you for supporting SPUD.
You were cured with a Upvote and reSTEEM
Good thing that promotes it on twitter.

You're welcome.

Way to go!!! @clixmoney 💪♨️💪