How Hitler reacts to Justin Sun takeover on the Steem blockchain

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The recent events around the Steem blockchain have inspired me this parody of the famous Hitler rant clip from the Downfall (Der Untergang).

Have fun!


Someone made one of these months ago...
and by months I mean days...
because every day feels like a week.

Only took me 20 minutes to find this:

I like his a little more but both of them are worth watching :D
JSun is Hitler in this one so that's fun.

@tipu curate

Hilarious, the reaction was priceless and the parody made a lot of sense I'm synch with the video

Brilliant! I was HOPING someone would make one of these!

"Ask and you shall receive" (Matthew, 7,7)

Not sure that applies to Hitler videos though hahaha...

A nice one and your bring some humor on this hard moments we face here!

A nice one and your
Bring some humor on this hard
Moments we face here!

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

'Don't worry, your funds are #SAFU' - great line!

Hilarious, the emotions and expressions work so well!

As long as you forget about the historical context.

I just hope it ends better for us than for Hitler.

I did my best to keep everything in synch (original words, translations, rhythm,...). Not an easy task it was.

Thank you @revisesociology

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I'm dead! That was so funny!

Glad it made you laugh @enjar

Hitler has been reacting to everything lately🙂

You could see he became and influencer!

Great, but Why Hitler ?

He's just a much better actor than me when it comes to being angry.

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How Justin react on Softfork :)

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Wait, who's Hitler supposed to be?

He's supposed to be himself, at crypto war time ;)

I cannot understand why non-German speakers find that funny. There is nothing funny about Hitler.

I was born to lead.

I can understand that for German speakers, it's less fun. I guess such a parody with actors speaking in my language might not make me laugh.

People who do not understand German are disconnected from what is really said.
All that remains is the visual and emotional ambiance of the images and sounds.
Put some non-related sentences on top of it and you get a comic effect.
It is precisely this distance created between the subtitles and the historically dramatic aspect of the scene that makes us laugh.

Yeah, I guess you are right. It is just a sensitive topic among Germans. Keep up the fight.

Yes, also German have a lot of fun with the video, the English tragic text fits exactly to this tragedy, haha. And then it's really funny, I even resteem it. This is really great, arcange :D

I can tell you (being a German) it was fun!
But I wanted to compare the original sound with the completely different text which was not easy.

And it reminded me to watch "Er ist wieder da" (a totally different movie about Hitler) once again.

Great work @arcange! - as always ;)

Because not everyone is a special little snowflake.