Daily hit-parade for newcomers - 2018.03.30

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Welcome to the hit-parade for newcomers!!

People feel happy when their post appears in the global daily chart. Moreover, they can get a nice award on SteemitBoard when they occupy the top position.

I guess you also noticed that these enviable positions are often occupied by well known bloggers who have already earned a good reputation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed and appear at the top.

This can lead to significant frustration for newcomers who write quality posts but feel drowned in the Steemit ocean.

This is where the Hit-Parade for Newcomers comes to help.

To get a ranking in this hit, you need of course to get a fair amount of votes, comments, or payment. But this hit-parade will be restricted to:
- users who NEVER appeared in ANY of my previous daily Global Hit.
- users who have a reputation lower than 50.

I think you now understand that only newcomers will be able to pop-up here. This way, we can put the spotlight on new authors and help them to raise their reputation.

Good luck to all!

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

413 @beyonderThe Making of Minnowsupport Lullaby - Podcast
412 @scruffy23MetamorphoSims - 1Fam - 01 - Intro
376 @palaiaAntonio Meucci
373 @cygonThe Lengend of Pang Tong: Understanding Ourselves Through Literature
359 @grarkadaLaid Back Camp: A Review – Glass Reflection
357 @supernalAesthetic Essences #7
353 @gonetroppoSTEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 78 - Hinds Brothers Live From South Africa
353 @julimattosHow I Almost Gave Up On My Dog
339 @loreshapergamesUsing Archetypes: The Hero (and Co.) [Part 2: Not Quite Heroes]
332 @jok80Il cocktail arte e passione

Top 10 posts by number of comments

119 @sismaru[수동나눔 - 종료]무조건-수동보팅 20회차 진행합니다
73 @yungonkim30년 언론인의 삶을 스팀잇과 함께~~ 뉴비 @yungonkim 신고합니다.
61 @bji1203[풀보팅이벤트] 간단한 주사위 이벤트~~!
54 @neldsIntroduction
53 @yeoreum외국인들이 우르르 보팅을 하고 가는데 이게 뭐지?! - steemauto
48 @gratefulvibesGRATEFULVIBES NOW AT @gratefulvibes
47 @iceflame12Hello steemit. I'm Mike and I like to hike
46 @caela-whall✩Greetings from Cape Town to fellow Steemians!✩😃🙃
46 @elsiekjayVOTING POWER Explanation for Minnows-Easy Explanation-Voting is Power
44 @illailla<절찬 모집중> 형님들 반가워! 내 동료가 되어라!

Top 10 posts by pending payout

96.01 @pi50000Banda de ladrones
60.39 @stevenpomiliaGet out of your COMFORT ZONE
50.16 @scruffy23MetamorphoSims - 1Fam - 01 - Intro
43.36 @beyonderThe Making of Minnowsupport Lullaby - Podcast
39.64 @yungonkim30년 언론인의 삶을 스팀잇과 함께~~ 뉴비 @yungonkim 신고합니다.
39.15 @tinowhaleFree SBD Giveaway - Follow the Tinowhale Curation Trail on Steemauto with over 29 % ROI
38.95 @babyschritteYoutubemama goes Crypto
38.82 @loreshapergamesUsing Archetypes: The Hero (and Co.) [Part 2: Not Quite Heroes]
36.95 @dyinkfinityMountaineer galaxy watercolor: How to: Weekly Contest by @dyinkfinity

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How do I get on this list? @arcange

thank you for visiting and saving me from the evil bot, once again I say thank you very much.

Thank you so much for your upvote on and mention of my MetamorphoSims - 1Fam - 01 - Intro post!

Congratulations @scruffy23!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade for newcomers in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 2 with 412 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 50,16

This is amazing! Thank you so much for giving newcomers like myself and the others listed in these posts not only a chance to be seen, but to be able to connect and see the content of others as we grow on steemit!

I look forward to checking out these other newcomers content.

Thank you so much for the mention and for supporting the newbie people at Steemit!!! ❤️ Such a great initiative to give us the opportunity to grow :)

Well, I'm not a newcomer but I'm not getting the reward I should be getting.
My reputation is also above 50, so it is clear that I'm not eligible, but I welcome you to visit my blog :)

P.S That 30.55 vote in my latest post is courtesy of minnowbooster.

On behalf of everyone new to this community, I want to thank you for these initiatives to us. Many times it is difficult to get notoriety and support here, and you do it selflessly and I really appreciate it.
Btw I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!
P.S. If you need some kind of design for your account, I'm at your service ♥

Wow dude thanks so much, I had no idea! I was surprised my post got so many votes and I'm unsure what made that happen haha. What're some visual artists you enjoy?