Daily hit-parade for newcomers - 2018.03.21

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Welcome to the hit-parade for newcomers!!

People feel happy when their post appears in the global daily chart. Moreover, they can get a nice award on SteemitBoard when they occupy the top position.

I guess you also noticed that these enviable positions are often occupied by well known bloggers who have already earned a good reputation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed and appear at the top.

This can lead to significant frustration for newcomers who write quality posts but feel drowned in the Steemit ocean.

This is where the Hit-Parade for Newcomers comes to help.

To get a ranking in this hit, you need of course to get a fair amount of votes, comments, or payment. But this hit-parade will be restricted to:
- users who NEVER appeared in ANY of my previous daily Global Hit.
- users who have a reputation lower than 50.

I think you now understand that only newcomers will be able to pop-up here. This way, we can put the spotlight on new authors and help them to raise their reputation.

Good luck to all!

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

381 @goofwithacamTemple of Leah: Decoding the Language of Love
324 @loiseyoopine and blue sky
322 @loiseyoothe bird on the tree
318 @loiseyoohot air ballooning
318 @laurynmachnikhalf the moon
317 @laurynmachnikThe moon is blurred in the clouds
316 @laurynmachnikYellow Moon
308 @petrolinivideoFoglie cadute
298 @gabrieletraderCHIARO DI LUNA
298 @flaviorizzoHappy Wednesday Steemit, Share Your Vehicle And Architectural Photography! : MyZeil

Top 10 posts by number of comments

100 @menerva[단상] 어뷰징과 스팀 백서, 그리고 나의 생각
88 @cyberdemon531Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Speedrun Livestream
83 @theblockandchain#introduceyourself
80 @dorothy.kim[kr-event]200팔로워 이벤트_무료로 캘리그라피 그려드려요---마감
71 @zzing스팀잇을 권해보았다
66 @cryptoempireCrypto Empire Game: Play and Earn!
65 @zzing여러분 그거아세요?
63 @torax[잡설]스팀잇도 유토피아가 아니구나
62 @doomsdaychassis@booster916 was right. I am an idiot sandwich.

Top 10 posts by pending payout

68.49 @movement19M19 Hangin' with WHO ft. Adam Kokesh, 📰 Freedom for Presidet 2020! 🇺🇸
68.42 @menerva[단상] 어뷰징과 스팀 백서, 그리고 나의 생각
65.44 @primonutmegRon Paul, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan & Adam Kokesh on Iraq War 15th Anniversary
61.99 @programmingllamaJquery Plugin Highlight - pagePiling.js
58.21 @markhodgeWorking Among Psychopaths – My Life in Banking
55.61 @promiseartsHyperrealistic drawing of a typical African Woman
52.24 @kimstarVLOG "Our perfect place in Lisbon"
49.33 @worldthrulenseColorchallege/Wednesdayyellow/BeautyofNature !
47.76 @goofwithacamTemple of Leah: Decoding the Language of Love
47.36 @nick.viscoHow To Master Your Craft - Nick Visco Vlog (DTube Exclusive)

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nice, Nice for Warriors as a motivation for raising the level of

Great job done by you.im impressed..good initiative to exposer to all..it will helpfull to the new users too.
thanks for such a good topics.


Thank you!

This is cool. Thanks for the support.


You're welcome. Glad to help =)

im in here! im so happy. thank you for all :D

  ·  last year (edited)

I really appreciate your support, thank you for the mention! :)


Well done! Hope to see you in the Global Hit-Parade ;)


How do I make it on that?

Gracias por el apoyo a los nuevos, en esta comunidad las buenas acciones son bien recompensadas. Saludos

Huge congrats to my man @movement19 - he's our awesome DJ for @GamersUnited on Thursdays. Well deserved brother!!

Hi good work, congratulations @storypictures

Wow! Goodluck to all