Daily hit-parade for beginners - 2017.06.08

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Welcome to the hit-parade for beginners!!

People feel happy when their post appear in my global daily charts. Moreover, they can get a nice award on SteemitBoard when they occupy the top position.

I guess you also noticed that these enviable position are often occupied by well known bloggers who have already earned a good reputation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed and appear at the top.

This can lead to significant frustration for beginners who write quality posts but feel drowned in the Steemit ocean.

This is where the Hit-Parade for Beginners comes to help.

To get a ranking in this hit, you need of course to get a fair amount of votes, comments, or payment. But this hit-parade will be restricted to:
- users who NEVER appared in ANY of my previous daily Global Hit.
- users who have a reputation lower than 50.

I think you now understand that only newcomers will be able to pop-up here. This way, we can put the spotlight on new authors and help them to raise their reputation.

Good luck to all!

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

390 @randowhaleIntroducing @randowhale - will you get the 100% vote? Give it a shot!
288 @xelsGEZ stoppen
280 @muhamadaliif somewhere you what the name of this plant?kalau di tempat kami daun peugaga namanya.
265 @ishtarQuack - look me in the eye
258 @wishmaidenHere is my original song 'Energies Collide'.
255 @lescrivensIntroduction
245 @jrejWorld Building - Designs for a Sci-fi story
241 @pointtojoinDeutschland als die Königin des Herbstes ( Germany as a Queen of Fall!)
237 @johnanbarasanVillage Street Walk - Photography
236 @discernenteThe most beautiful animals already extinct

Top 10 posts by number of comments

152 @randowhaleIntroducing @randowhale - will you get the 100% vote? Give it a shot!
82 @beachgirlIntroduceYourself: Alona from Ukraine
74 @shiho[자기소개]블로그잼병의 자기소개
69 @pandamamaHi Steem, I'm Christine
68 @vivianalucioHola…. A todos….. - Hellow people - its my 1st time
58 @laenapHi Steemit, 안녕하세요 그림쟁이 래냅입니다!
54 @jenerallee78Time to finally introduce myself to the Steemit world!
50 @momoneDo I have the balls?
49 @matiasrodrigoHi, Steem!

Top 10 posts by pending payout

519.20 @randowhaleIntroducing @randowhale - will you get the 100% vote? Give it a shot!
329.16 @jrejWorld Building - Designs for a Sci-fi story
310.32 @wishmaidenHere is my original song 'Energies Collide'.
288.35 @illestbambiVideo Games; The Slowest Form Of Suicide
265.51 @shiho[자기소개]블로그잼병의 자기소개
264.54 @milanademortMy amazing 10 day trip to Hong Kong
257.12 @robmeisterTheory: Who is Rick C-137 original Morty?
246.89 @smuggly-sparrowIt's Been a Year Since My Dog was Deliberately Poisoned. What is the Answer to Animal Overpopulation?
240.32 @e-saberWhat You Never Thought About "The Incredibles"
232.86 @iambertoWhat is a Chord and why should I care? (#IAmBerto)

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Thanks for mentioning me in your Top. Bringing new comers and hidden gems to light is such a great idea. You rock!


Me tooo... followed you :)


I agree!
Thanks arcange :D



Love this idea. Fingers cross to make your top 10 list soon!


Wish you good luck!

Thank you for this post - YAY - made it No 5 on your list. So cool.
Have a look at my daughter @edenmichelle who just joined today. She is a singer, songwriter, producer

Thanks for the post, yes it is hard to figure out for someone that only visits occasionally. Explain one think to me. I had a post a week ago that was moving up in $, but then went way back down to 2$, what happened?

up-voted and followed!


I had a post a week ago that was moving up in $, but then went way back down to 2$, what happened?

Check if someone has flagged your post or removed his vote

WOW, Amazing.... I just signed up #2 Top 10 posts by number of comments... the people here on STEEMIT are Amazing!!

This place is full surprises! :D

Wow! I am absolutely stoked! How cool :D

Thank you for your mention! I'm gonna keep on writing high quality music articles :)