Daily hit-parade - 2019.07.06

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Top 10 posts by number of comments

107 @jungjunghoon(종료)[AAA 이벤트] 주사위를 돌리면 총 500AAA 지급, 7/6(토) 24:00까지
93 @nonameslefttouseThe Business of Blogging and How To Take Over The World
87 @sonki999SCT 큐레이팅 지원 이벤트 실시
70 @jungjunghoon[AAA이벤트-일요일] 주사위를 돌리면 총 600AAA 지급, 7/7(일) 24:00까지
67 @khaleelkaziFinal LEO Airdrop Distributed to PAL Stakeholders
65 @raybrockman2019 Steem Silver Round!
57 @xpilarThe image is made of own imagination and thoughts
53 @masoomDaily Giveaway:- 1 SBI share / 1 SM card (cerberus) July 06
52 @yabapmattHow You Can Help Steemit, Inc Make Money (And Why You Should)
50 @kadnaCommunityaktionen - Sammlung (nicht nur für die Neuen) Spaß, mehr Sichtbarkeit und Kontakt

Top 10 posts by pending payout

203.335 @epicdiceEpicDice is Open Source now
109.341 @majes.tytyty“A Gender Reversal Reversal,” by Flight of the Conchords … (Comedy – Music to Your Ears, Mock’n’Roll–10)
92.906 @nwuCounter each negative thought with multiple positive thoughts - Part#3
91.918 @elevator09Splinterlands daily Quest #109
88.027 @majes.tytytyVocab-ability Suffix–350 (__ive, __ = characterized by, [adjective suffix]) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)
81.367 @oendertuerkOur Solar System - Earth #2
81.063 @steemslotgames🔥 CONTEST 🔥 💰 200 STEEM 💰 in the prize pool! Invite your friends and WIN STEEM!
79.218 @abh12345@actifit and @blocktrades Steemfest 4 Contest Status
78.007 @forbritainFree Speech - Why we've lost it.

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

2705 @steemengineteamUK, it's time to hop aboard the SteemEngine! 2019-07-06
1826 @steemautoSteemauto - Free and unlimited automation service on the Steem blockchain! #290
1527 @steembasicincomeA Weekend at Contests
1361 @oendertuerkThe History of Troy #1
1297 @worldcaptureMount Everest Flight, Nepal - Tripreport
1271 @quratorThe Daily Qurator #654 - Welcome to Qurator's Treasure Hunt for Q Tokens! - Discord Q tokens prizes!
1270 @iamevilradioAdrian Rowe - Alone As A God [ORIGINAL TRACK/TECHNO]
1136 @glenalbrethsenTwo Knights Walk Into A Bar
1131 @psyceratopsbCycling Roam through Glendalough, Ireland
1115 @ancolie[FR] Baignade sur la plage au bout de l’île ... [EN] Swimming on the beach at the end of the island ...

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