Daily hit-parade - 2019.04.12

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Welcome to the Steem daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

3006 @oendertuerkThe First Real Photo Of A Black Hole
2189 @vapenationReddits Best Memes - 4!!!
2183 @fiftysatsTesla's $35,000 Model 3 is only available as a special order - Engadget
2176 @fiftysatsTesla still isn’t getting enough batteries from Panasonic - The Verge
2125 @mehtaIndian Wedding Stage : Colorchallenge Friday Sky-Blue
2078 @kratsColorChallenge - Friday Blue
1833 @steemautoSteemauto - Free and unlimited automation service on the Steem blockchain! #208
1790 @brittufNew Ways to Win Tron and Steem in The-City
1759 @dleaseDlease.io Tampil di halaman depan Conidol.com
1689 @steembasicincomeContests, Giveaways, and Raffles!

Top 10 posts by number of comments

6433 @berniesandersFlag Bait
3601 @steemcleanersSteemcleaners Report for 4 April, 2019
3328 @berniesanders@edicted is so pathetic, he had to bring on inbred retards (@nickgrujic, @mitardo) to play for him...
3129 @steemcleanersSteemcleaners Report for 3 April, 2019
1365 @berniesandersMoney for nothin...
842 @wiv01Object Type - currencys
393 @berniesandersFree Money
193 @sor31Object Type - currency
154 @indicateop
145 @x6oc5Object Type - crypto

Top 10 posts by pending payout

447.368 @devfundSteem Alliance Structure Proposal Election - Follow link and vote now!
181.519 @hilarskiMatt Gallant CEO of tribeOS, the First Federally Approved Digital Security Offering.
143.877 @blocktradesSteem Proposal System will be completed on Monday
142.711 @oendertuerkThe First Real Photo Of A Black Hole
139.466 @steembaSteem Business Alliance Open for New Members - Presenting the 2019 Roadmap and New Website
117.956 @mehtaIndian Wedding Stage : Colorchallenge Friday Sky-Blue
113.676 @firepowerHarvard Takes The Plunge Into Cryptocurrencies
100.719 @brittufNew Ways to Win Tron and Steem in The-City
88.028 @muratkbesirogluRebellion on Titan - Part 3

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