Daily hit-parade - 2018.09.09

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Welcome to the Steemit daily hit-parade.

Check what are the posts that have best performed yesterday. This is hit-parade content is based on posts created from UTC 00:00 to UTC 24:00.

Тоp 10 posts by number of upvotes

2361 @mykosBit-Tube - Great Improvements!
1871 @cmalescovRaiju Ultimate - Razer Ultimate Wireless PS4 Gaming Controller
1810 @jonbitBW Lake Day - Reflections On The Water #315
1536 @acidyo[Acid Streams] Battlefield 5
1516 @jinny1985Digital Assets Exchange. Your Coins Are in a Safe Place.
1499 @acidyo[Acid Streams] CS:GO:YO
1345 @quratorQurator's Shooting Star - @alimamasstory
1324 @steemautoSteemauto - Free and unlimited automation service on the Steem blockchain! #5
1312 @jaichai(IJCH) Economic Abstraction - Ethereum's Latest Thorn (or How Ethereum's "First to Market Advantage" may not be...)
1299 @steemmonstersSteem Monsters Kickstarter Boss Fight Art Contest! // Week 14 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!!!

Top 10 posts by number of comments

197 @double-u2018 Woche 37 - Ohne Zusammenhang / Without Any Context / Deutsch / English
190 @abh12345The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 - STEEM prizes & steem-bounty available! 🎁
125 @dayleeoZipStitch - Surgical Quality Wound Closures You Can Take Anywhere
118 @duplicate착한 사람들 띨띨당~~ / 그리고 중요한 회의
117 @thaiteamSelect The Post For The Final Round! <<>> flower Photography Contest Thai Community.
100 @bbooaae[WEBOSS 4차 만남] 저에게는 WEBOSS 첫 만남
88 @etcmikeMorning Sunrise - 26 August 2018 (Original Video/Photos)
86 @themarkymarkDoes PayPal have a challenger?
80 @berniesandersI like water.
79 @ddllddll청국장이 당기는데, 생선구이도 먹고 싶네?!

Top 10 posts by pending payout

514.66 @transistoHonest Government Ad - Anti Encryption Law
459.04 @dahaz159WeYouMe: State of the Network #23 - Discord at 1PM UTC 2018-9-9
309.68 @etcmikeMorning Sunrise - 26 August 2018 (Original Video/Photos)
261.77 @themarkymarkDoes PayPal have a challenger?
201.51 @metamaChoose Your Destination, Monitor Your Course, Work Your System
145.22 @mehtaअसत्य पैदा करता है अविश्वास (भाग #२) - False Unbelief (Part # 2)
129.35 @steemmonstersHeads up! 56k pack left! Kickstarter second boss is up. USD purchases back online!
126.51 @burnpostSteem experiment: Burn post #236
122.63 @majes.tytytyBottom 2 Worst Foreign Columnists in The Japan Times (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–47 … My Adventures in Japan)
119.30 @chuadangaঅনুমিতার ভালবাসা (পার্ট ৪)

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