Strategy China # 33: Let the spy sow discord in his own field.

in #history3 years ago

It is advised to manipulate enemy agents to serve your objectives.

According to Sun Tzu there are four types of espionage:

1.-Recruit enemy personnel. People related to our cause, with relatives in our field, etc.

2.-Buy information sources. The candidates for recruitment are usually people with some resentment: talented people who have been left out, who have made mistakes and have been punished, ambitious people, immoral and with a desire to be a protagonist.

3.-Send someone from our side to the enemy camp to bring information.

4.-Infiltrate false information through spies that are not essential.

5.-Buy or use enemy spies. Whether by persuasion money, deception, is the key to manipulate the enemy.

"There are no situations in which spies can not be employed."
The Art of War (Sun Tzu).


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