Thank you. Hard work...I learned a lot about land use :)

Ha ha. I'm the guilty party this time. I am sorry I didn't comment when I submitted the article as I was in a rush to get on discord to a curation show I was speaking at. I really enjoyed this post @agmoore, it was so in-depth about a subject I knew a little about but not enough. I learned a lot from reading this post and that's why I submitted it regardless of you getting a curie a few weeks back. This was an excellent educational post and well deserved of the curie vote :-)

Thank you, for the recommendation and the high praise. I had written a small book about Rabindranath Tagore for elementary school children. Then I wrote another small book about the British Empire, so I knew a little about the subject. But all that stuff about land use, that's self-education. And I love it.
Thanks again. I'm having a great day.

It really wasn't me this time. Another @curie curator submitted it. I considered it, but I thought your last one had been sooner for some reason. I am glad other curators have their eye on you too. You are an exceptional writer. It is so hard for newer good people to get attention. Hopefully, the boost will help you get some new followers.

Just so you know, @curie is currently having a 'My Curie Story,' campaign to help spread awareness about their cause. Anyone is free to write about how @curie has impacted them on steemit. If you would like to share a story it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently working on one.

Also, @curie has a witness node here on steemit. Our witness recently dropped from the top 20 and their income has drastically reduced as a consequence. This is affecting the organizations ability to employ more curators and curate more posts. Besides spreading the word with your story, you could also help by voting @curie for witness by clicking here:

In the event you don't know about @curie you can visit the @curie page or join the chat on discord to learn more...

I voted for @curie already. After they supported my blog I was very grateful. I think it's a good organization--good for bloggers, good for Steemit. I will write a story, because you suggest it. The biggest surprise for me, on Steemit, is how generous some people can be, with no expectation of payback--like you.
There seem to be two universes operating here, one with community that fosters content and cooperation, and then THE BOTS. It's easy to look past the bots. I don't understand them too well anyway. So much other good stuff.
As for being an exceptional writer--I go over and over everything. It's more effort, and determination, than talent.
I'll think about that story and help @curie in any way I can. Thanks for the encouragement. It's made a difference.

Thanks for the encouragement. It's made a difference.

Likewise. You were one of my early 'followers,' and have always been supportive and willing to engage. The human element makes a big difference. I actually initially became a prospective curator on curie specifically to propose your Fig and Wasp post. We need more people like you on here.

I follow talent--and nice people. Sometimes either or, but in your case, both. I'm not good at self-promoting--you did the job for me.
Thank you.

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