Night View in Anapji Pond of Shilla Dynasty. part 1 buildings

in history •  2 years ago 

I had took the photos of Anapji pond for 2 nights.
First day night was very cold, so I couldn’t stay longer.
At Second day, the weather became warm.
So it was nice to take the photos in Anapji pond.

I don’t think delicate explanation for night view of Anapji pond.

What I’d like to show you in this posting is the buildings.
It was so beautiful.
I wish you enjoy my photo.








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These reflected lights are beautiful!

The Anapji pond and the surrounding buildings are very well-presented during the night with the calm waters of the pond and te lights that gives a dazzling effect. @slowwalker

It is so amazing historic look. At the night lights, the wall looks like made of gold and the roof is made of jade. Wish I could visit there someday.
I have heard it is really beautiful at cherry blossom season.

You have wonderful photos! and thanks for the story.

the pictures have atheistic. you are very lucky to encounter such as amazing piece of art and history in your life. what a great view it would be when you see it for the first time i bet. the ponds makes it more beautiful as it is already

Very meaningful pictures my friend. The water mirrors are really nice to look at.

Great Shots! Beautiful.

wonderful photography of Anapji pond and its night view is really heart touching.I appreciate your efforts and support you @slowalker my friend. take care.

soo beautiful moment you capture in your camera well done

Nice spot. I wonder how it looks during the day.

It's a beautiful night scene. I like it. Thank you for sharing!

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the atmosphere is very beautiful and make life comfortable, and hopefully your journey is always successful, and and korea has a beautiful place suitable for the visit, success for @slowwalker

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설명도 필요 없고
말도 필요 없는것 같습니다
안압지에 비췬 건물의 모습이 이렇게 아름다우니 직접 보신 슬로우워커님은 어떠셨을까요...?!!!BandPhoto_2018_03_23_15_42_04.jpg

감사합니다. 슬로워커님..영광이네요. 제 포스팅에 찿아주셔서...좋은 활동으로 키워가겠습니다.

This great looking photography, i appreciate this history.

you are a great photographer😍😍😍 your photography is just awesome dear....keep it up😊😊😊😊

Sometime I really feel that people in past created a lot of stuff to make us remember them for ages.

Wow that buildings was reflecting like gold in Anapji Ponds water . It was really beautiful . I wish i could be there to enjoy the beautiful night and cool environment . So, keep enjoying and thanks for sharing your great night shoots. I liked the way you captured those picture perfectly.

really beautiful night photography, lights that light up add to the beauty of the night. thanks for a very good post [email protected] am upvote and resteem your post. if you want please visit my blog @ lusi

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a very beautiful night my [email protected] am upvote and resteem your post.thank

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

Wowww this is so outclass and beautiful. Marvellous and amazing.
The reflection made it look like gold and its looking precious😍

That's superb photography.Shilla dynasty was very beautiful I came to know from your post.Thanks for such historical important post.@upvoted and resteemed

Through your post I have got all the information from shilla dynasty.Shilla dynasty was a important part of korean history,I have learned something from your post.The photos are superb,that is such a beautiful place to visit.Thanks for sharing.


Reflection photos at night, I know it’s difficult to adjust light but all photos are splendid.😊

this is a great sight, I want to be there, if there is time please help me, because I need help from you.
I will upvote and restem

What a beautiful night pictures!!!

Lucky you! From the photos, the place looks amazing... What more being physically there.. definitely gonna be in my bucket list

Thanks for sharing


Woww amazing

Beautiful angle


very nice photo of friends and beautiful once.

신라는 백제에 비해 아기자기한 기분이듭니다. 백제는 왜 와 다른 세력과의 교류가 많았는데, 신라는 꽁꽁 묶였다고 배운기억때문인거 같네요

where is it? The photos are very beautiful.

Nice scenery, suitable to be a tourist, vacation there may be very much anticipated by many people ,, thanks for posting

Wow these are beautiful photographs!!

for a moment now I follow your slowwalk and absolutely love the pictures you are showing us... thank you for the time you take to share.
peace love and happiness. D

the photo is really amazing and stunning with a two dimensional look, this is very fantasti

That reflection is unbelievable!

What a wonderful photography!!
I heard it is a beautiful place to look around.
Some people said the night veiw is better than daytime veiw. Well both veiws are beautiful no matter what :)
I hope I could go there while I stay in Korea:)

Amazing photography of night view . Really

Wow so beautiful. Amazing pictures and great photography skills.

The 4th picture though <3

Awesome pics I would love to go there

Incredibly beautiful photos! Looks like in a fairy tale!

So beutifull

really its a historical place.awesome are a good photographer.keep it up

Very beautiful and I love the colors. Nice golden and black colors with the beautiful architectures. Lovely photos :)

I love when something is reflected in the water.
It looks very beautiful!
Immediately it seems that you are in a fairytale world.

Are they real photographs? they seem edifications, what beauty

hello ;)!

It's really a crazy thing, the pictures is great. Hats off to the artist!

Nice picture~

I went to Anapji with my mother on a racing trip five years ago.
The night view of Anapji is really the best.
The memories of that time are alive.

I like the lights.. So beautiful

your pict is so great!
i do like your photos :D

Nice seems you have exert your effort to capture these different angle..very nice my friend😉

you are great dear

Wow..i like this history..i appreciate this photography..

How beautiful pict!

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

Wow this is the my first time of seeing such a wonderful light which make a wall looks like a gold colour. this is a lovely picture, @slowwalker keep sharing this wonderful images.
check out this manipulation how do you see it and i have more of them on my page too New Story Manipulation new.jpg

Wow, it's really a wonder! I love this building and how it appears in the night, reflecting its lights on the water!

yes I agree with you, and true all photos Anapji pond so beautiful, i enjoy it
many thanks for sharing my friend

the reflexion in the water is magical!

As part of the renovation project of historic sites in Gyeongju , Anapji was dredged and rebuilt in 1974. thanks for share this history

nice photography

Night shots by the pond are pretty stunning. ^^

You have captured the picture so well. The water in the pond looks crystal clear, since the reflection of the building in the water comes out so clear. Wonderful pictures

They are such beautiful pictures, its a place one can go for vacation. Thanks for sharing.

wow beautiful night scene:O

Mirror picture so nice.

Right, very beautiful ..
The scenery at night is more beautiful because the reflections of the light from the water look very clear ...
I really like ..

Nice post @slowwalker

Those are some top quality photos, what camera are you using? I just got hold of a used professional Nikon d2x and still trying to work all the settings out on it.

Beautiful night view. Thanks for sharing.

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

Whaaaoooo this is really so beautiful @slowwalker Pictures taken at night where light is are always so beautiful. Wow. Even from afar, its dazzling

That was great picture, it is representing well historical building and Korean culture, make us want to put it as out bucket list to go some day! You just made us love Korea more and more @slowwalker

Wow nice pictures

Nice shooting space. You got a good light on this photo. I love it. Even night time everything on this photos are visible.

so beautiful city dear

Nice work
My hobby is taking pictures come to my blog


Helloo @slowwalker
Me, @menulissejarah (writing history)
I see articles and photos on your post, have a historical, education, and cultural value of an area. This post is certainly very interesting to add insight in the field of history.
If you do not mind, I will resteem this post in my account. Thanks.
Date: March, 25, 2018


Helloo @slowwalker
Saya, @menulissejarah (#menulissejarah)
Saya melihat artikel dan foto pada postingan milikmu, memiliki nilai sejarah, pendidikan, dan budaya suatu daerah. Postingan ini tentunya sangat menarik untuk menambah wawasan di bidang ilmu sejarah.
Jika kamu tidak keberatan, saya akan resteem postingan ini di akun saya. Terima kasih.
Tanggal: 25 Maret 2018

So beautiful! And great photos.

There is such a warm beauty as the light reflects upon the wall, it leaves a tapestry of words running through my brain.

Nicely captured.

Anapji, wow that the most amazing pond have seen in my life, the bricks go with the light and all that this is AWESOME....
The buildings so unique the roofing and layout am speechless

It's incredibly beautiful! This lighting creates an almost unreal picture with these reflections in the pond. A magical sight. It's like the buildings are floating in zero gravity. Amazing, wonderful job!

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I love the reflection! Great collection of photos!

noticed a lot of play of lights in the monuments you've been shooting. very interesting...keep it up!

Mega brutal las fotografias!

Beautifull picture, i hope will be there someday

This place i very beautiful.Especially the wall is very beautiful.My golden colour wall is a lot of choice.How you feel?

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Hello friend @slowwalker, it was worth waiting for to take the photos, they look really beautiful, delicate and very charming, congratulations for your work.