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Not so long ago it was the 300th anniversary of my city. And just as a holiday night promptly inserted the text. I think it is necessary for understanding why I dig history. And why do I write about the search for the mythical Asgard. So go on ...

A holiday is not there, I do not feel I have these three hundred years.

With sucks something like that? (That's about it "sfigov" and write mnoga beech ... The bunch of everything and Omsk, and Asgard, and just thinking out loud ...)

More than 300,000 years, there are not less native Asgard, but the same non-existent years, as well as three hundred Omsk ...

Omsk I try to find the real, not invented, so do not miss a single old photograph. And not just looking at the photo, and in his spare time, take a stroll on the location of the images in the photo. All this is a little town filled with meaning and, although recent, but history. The result is a photo "Old-new Omsk"and other ghosts.

But ... Even in the recent history can not be sure ... And the line between the real and the old days like this "old-new Omsk" is erased ...


Erased Why?

After all, all described in detail the "who, where, when" founded Omsk, first and second castle ...

All this visibility stories (maybe I just have not seen very, very official, the only true version, show will be grateful), but there is no hiding the screen, the almost complete lack of information about the city.

And how seriously the zooletie? Zooletie not tell, and tercentenary? No, ZOOLETIE!

Tercentenary what? Omsk city? When Omsk became the city? In 1782? Perhaps a trial of a city is not considered? Then in 1804?

So after all 300 years of what? First Omsk fortress? And in what year was it built? In 1716? Buchholz or built just a couple of redoubts, and built a fortress 1717th Aksakov?

Then it turns out that today we will celebrate the tercentenary of the redoubt"...to fold praviantu and to communicate..."in the confluence of Om and the Irtysh.

So, whether the castle was?

On the day of the Three Moons, when the three moons in the sky joined, at the confluence of Om and Irij Buchholz started the construction of Asgard and the Great Aryan temples Inglia.

Well, something like that.

But seriously, then in 1716, after the unsuccessful campaigns Buchholz stopped in our area and laid a couple of redoubts for the needs of the host empire. Place seems like it and decided to settle here longer.

Therefore, the 17th year of the plan of construction brought Tobolsk Omsk fortress. Well I brought? Probably they brought, in any case, these rumors.

And rumor has it that Major Aksakov built still somewhere in the fortress on the plan. Then, whether square, then, whether "Pentagon" of this history is silent, and historians still argue. Confused in his "testimony" even contemporary "fortress"

Miller,but less than five years there is a new plan (no I will not say the word "plan", better project) project in 1722. So we built a fortress for five years or not, if there's a new project? I think no.

Then there were projects in 1745, 1755, 1767. With remarkable frequency. And what is interesting to the 40th years of "fortress" rotten ...

And then just a theme project in 1745.


If the first fortress was, it was built just this year. Except in the rotten, for a couple of decades, the fortress, the people waited for more than half a century, a new, second fortress.

Why so long? After all, the alleged second fortress, stone, were built in the sixties already."February28, 1765 the military board was sent a draft of a new fortress, compiled by Springer engineer and Malmo, and May 2 started construction.

Bo newly constructed fortress active construction..."Here is a direct active-priaktivnoe.

It is interesting that on the plan in 1765, and no trace of the first fortress, and on the plan in 1769 is the first and pentagonal top quadrangular and all this on top of a residential building. Straight Surveyor celebration of some kind.

Let us return to the active-priaktivnoy ...

For clarity, the plan is not still the second project of the Omsk fortress from 1789.

Pinpoint is the year 1789 is 24 !!! years of active construction.


Vot ... Red marked supposedly already finished building. Once again, it is in 1789 ... And it draws attention not because it's been 24 years, and because ... In order will continue. Labeled with the plan.

(A) in 1769 laid the Resurrection Cathedral. (Marked on the chart. Different sources during construction stretched from 1764g. To 1773)

(F) guardhouse, built in 1781-1782, respectively.

Does anyone know of another building stone fortress built before 1789?

I do not know ...

You can certainly remember the house Springer, which was built in 1768, but then it was just a log and later lined with brick.

Although it is not possible, but you need to remember about this house. Firstly, it is the first house in the capital of the new fortress. Second is the oldest wooden house in Omsk. And thirdly ... Who is buried under it ocheshuitelny brick foundation with arched vaults in two human growth?


Well, in the past who have this foundation called the powder keg. On the plane you can see the letter (Q) -Porohovye cellar. Arranged on the elevation in normal dry place.

(for clarity, well, not a fountain visibility, but still)

Без имени-1.jpg

By the way, the accuracy of the kick-ass plan is astounding.

A brief summary ... As a result of the rapid construction of three years Springer has built himself a log cabin on from nowhere who undertook the foundation. And in the place where the logic should be Irtysh gate, completing the composition of the fortress ... A year later laid the Resurrection Cathedral and all-just ten years later built a guardhouse. (I understand that there is still something built of wood, but my childhood say that in 1765-1767 -...- 1791 Springer began to build brick fortress replace rotten wood. Oh ... there in the old fortress has half a century waiting in decayed birch houses covered with turf, people ... And oh ... life Years I.I.Shpringera (...- 1771) Sorry, but only he built his house in the fortress.

it turns out that at the time the plan 1789 in the fortress almost nothing has been done, but look further

(B) in 1792 the Evangelical Lutheran church was built-.....

(G) in 1792 building pieces . ba Omsk fortress (why? "Borderline board")

(D) In 1792 (1832?), the - artillery arsenal (not built entirely on the project)

(the V) In 1793 (1798?), the - the building of the monetary pantry (Why "stone Arsenal "?)

Plus, in 1791-1794 years of the alleged instead of the wooden castle gate built of stone.

Then it makes no sense to continue. The dates of the buildings gradually go into the 19th century.

what does all this say? Just a small example of foundation-building fortresses seen that there is no history of Omsk. Instead of building a fortress on the plan (as I understand it, and the terms there any implied), it turns out unauthorized construction delayed for half a century, there is almost a century, if not longer. Skladyvatsya feeling that the city is not based, as has happened. Well, just I took it and unintentionally so here appeared. It is not known what happened when it was who built, who came up with it all, and so on. The dates are different, the words are not supported by anything other than the other words. Some guesses, speculations, fantasies. But the result is obvious, as the cherry on the cake 300-year history - Mayor Dvorakovsky, it is the logical conclusion of a three-century history.

And in light of this geolocation "at the confluence of Om and Iria" looks awesome accurate and truthful.

Documents Omsk almost there, That there is contradictory and unreliable partly ... What to do?

Dig ...

Once again, back to the topic of "Omsk archeology" ... Damn, sounds like "Omsk Metro" ... It seems to dig in Omsk - a damn job.

Can certainly say that the digging and find ... What? Foundation River School? It is strange that the digging of the foundations of the demolished school half a century ago, found the foundation, not the first Omsk fortress.

By the way, I do not see anything, the remainder of the first fortress. Gun? This for me is absolutely not clear. A formidable weapon of the time taken and forgotten in an old fortress. Or how? Can evil Dzhungars buried under the rubble of their fortress and there they have lived up to our times? Too it is impossible, Omsk artillery is unique in that during the entire period of its existence has not made a single shot at the enemy.

And how could it forget literally single-piece weapons, I do not understand. Speaking of shtuchnosti))) On the model of the first Omsk fortress in the museum counted more than 60 guns ... That's the secret revealed why nobody Omsk attacked once. With such an abundance of guns on the meter ...

Yes ... about digging, archaeologists have not found the gun, simply tram tracks laid ...stumbled upon

I recentlythe foundation of the prison, and again dug historians and archaeologists do with affairs ... Well at least pay attention to it now in Omsk there is another historical place ...

and we could, like here ...


unearth gouge crowbar everything that interferes in the basement ...


Throw cable in a trench and bury.

And it is in that place where no one scheme and the plan was not the buildings. Yes, in principle a normal foundation for the strength of the buildings is not quite peculiar.

It turns out that the history of Omsk not see.

But recently kun27guru showed an interesting post as the old man climbs out of the ground...

I understand the story just Omsk or who is not going to dig, the Asgard he will come out of the ground.

And with not just gazonchik ...


not on the sidewalk in the backyard ...


Or at the crossroads, through the asphalt ...


And through the concrete porch Administration CAO Omsk


matter how little hint ... It's time...

to swingI have something then go ... soon to celebrate zooletie ... where?

The governor failed. Or the right? Just in time for the holiday bombed and have not completed a very historic street, spoiled Square beside her, and turned the fortress into a building site.

We must somehow to himself to arrange holidays.


Yes, and there is a choice for every taste. From the landing anniversary Buchholz ashore at River Station, or structure redoubt, or base of the fortress, or the formation of the city of Omsk.

Although ... What is penny wise, I'm going to celebrate the foundation day of the Holy City of the Gods. Now, just watch from Komsomolsk counted to date osnovanipervyh August weekend.

ZY About the "dig" I got carried away, do not give it anything. There will be new conjectures, myths, fairy tales, etc. And the history of Omsk and will not appear. It's time seems to accept these. And choose a one of the stories that we have. Which one? And what is like ... They are all equally wrong. And I probably still choose the story of the mythical Asgard.

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