What is a Plan of the Day? Plan of the Week? Plan of the Month? US Navy

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The US Navy has long held a sense of order and tradition. A series of events are expected to occur aboard US Naval vessels, and often these activities are included in plans. These plans are referred to a P.O.D (Plan of the Day) which each sailor is expected to review, adhere and have on hand if on duty.

The POD will list the duty section, section leaders, as well as approval by the commanding officer.

Creating the POD ​takes several hours requiring the document to be reviewed and approved by multiple senior enlisted and officers before reaching the Commanding Officer (CO). Effectively, each of these leaders has​ the authority to edit and add events forcing a revision by admin.

Extended planning documents include the Plan of the Week (POW) and Plan of the Month (POM). These usually are digitally maintained in the modern day rather than printed out and carried by leadership. These types of plans have large-scale​ evolutions scheduled.

If you are reading this article, you may have to create your own POD in the future during your tour of duty in the US Navy. Many have attempted to automate the process of PODs, while the process is easier than it used​ to be, it can still take hours. The article below addresses​ creating PODs and an innovative​ app.