## 29 August-Today's Historical Events

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708 Copper coins are minted in Japan for the first time (Traditional Japanese date: August 10, 708).

1178 Anti-Pope Callistus III gives pope title to Alexander III

1261 Jacques Pantaleon elected as Pope Urban IV

1475 Treaty of Picquigny: King Louis XI buys English contacts

1484 Giovanni Battista Cibo elected as Pope Innocent VIII

1540 Emperor Karel deprives city Gent of its definitive rights and privileges

1612 Battle of Surat, India: English fleet beats Portuguese

1655 Warsaw falls without resistance to a small force under the command of Charles X Gustav of Sweden during The Deluge.

1664 Adriaen Pieck and Gerrit de Ferry patent wooden firespout in Amsterdam

1708 British troops occupy Menorca & Sardinia

1708 Haverhill, Massachusetts destroyed by French & Indians

1742 Edmond Hoyle published his "Short Trea

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