Ama-gi, the "return to the mother"

in history •  2 years ago

See the image? It's called Ama-gi

In sumerian, it means, literally, "return to the mother". It was used, back then, as a term referring freed slaves. Some believe that is the first written representation of the concept "freedom", "liberty". 

The literal meaning, to me, has a lot of depth. When slaves were granted their freedom, they could "return to their mothers", maybe because it brings to mind a "homey" picture. It's also an ancient proof (more than 4 millenia!) of the importance that personal freedom has for mankind.

That's why it is so relevant today.

Fortunately, we don't have slavery anymore -that is, legal slavery, because there's a lot, like sexual slavery-, but that doesn't mean that our freedom isn't at stakes, and it comes from everywhere, be it a left-wing Venezuelan commander or a right-wing Republican. 

The "Ama-gi" is used as a symbol of freedom today as it was 4000 years ago. A variety of groups are adopting it in order to promote the concept. 

Freedom is, probably, the most valuable possession someone can have, after life itself.

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