Christopher Scott Kyle : the autobiography of the most formidable sniper in American military history .

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Chris Kyle is born in Odessa , Texas . He is the son of Wayne Kyle and Debby Lynn Mercer. His father is a teacher of Sunday School and a deaconess . His father bought him his first gun at the age of seven, a bolt action rifle ( bolt action ) .30-06 Springfield . He then offers her a shotgun with which they hunt pheasant , a quail and deer 6 .

Kyle thinks time become cowboy professional to do the rodeo of wild horses , but he finally committed in 1999 in the Navy of the United States . The Islamist terrorist attacks against the United States, including those of September 11, 2001 , largely motivated its engagement in the 2003 Iraq war .
As part of Team 3 of the US Navy Special Forces (SEAL) as a sniper , Chris Kyle participates in the Iraq war in all major battles of Operation Iraqi Freedom. ( Operation Iraqi Freedom ) 1 . He serves in overseas deployment during four rotations in Iraq, lasting nine months each, participating in all major campaigns of the Iraq war. He was in Fallujah in 2004. He returned to Ramadi in 2006 and again to Baghdad in 2008, where he was called to secure the green going to Sadr City 7 .

He made his first fatal shooting long distance during the initial battle, when killing an Iraqi woman who approached a group of Marines with a grenade pin pulled by hand 8 .

During the second battle of Fallujah , while the Marines faced several thousand insurgents, Kyle killed forty enemy fighters. Because of this record during his deployment in Ramadi , the military nicknamed him " The Legend " (in French "The Legend" ), while the insurgents call him under the term "شيطان الرمادي", ( Al-Chaitan Al- Ramadi , in French : "the devil of Ramadi") and put his head to price for 20 000 US dollars 9which will be increased to $ 80,000 thereafter; they also display signs highlighting the cross on his arm as a means of identifying him 9 , 1 .

In 2008, outside Sadr City , Kyle made his longest lethal shot ( 2,100 yards, just over 1.9 km ), against an insurgent who was approaching a military convoy armed with a rocket launcher . For this shot, he used a TAC-338 sniper rifle , produced in the United States by McMillan Firearms Manufacturing 10 .

During his time in Iraq , Kyle was wounded twice and hit six more times by improvised explosive devices .

After its deployment in combat, he became instructor chief for training teams of "counter- snipers " and is the author of the doctrine Naval Special Warfare Sniper Doctrine , the first manual sniper Navy SEALs 11 .

In 2009, he would rush back from the front because of health problems
In 2013, Chris Kyle was approached by the mother of Eddie Ray Routh, a 25-year- old Marine with post-traumatic stress disorder following his period of service in the army where he was tested, particularly after a mission humanitarian response in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake 19 . She asks him for help, knowing that Kyle is taking care of veterans in trouble. Kyle agrees and,February 2, 2013In the company of his friend Chad Littlefield 20 , it brings Eddie in the shooting range Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose 19 southwest of Fort Worth in Texas 20 . "Chris had discovered a new use for weapons: healing," says his widow Taya Kyle 19 .

Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were later found dead, shot thirteen bullets - these coming from Kyle 21's weapons . Eddie Ray Routh, mentally unstable and under the influence of drugs and alcohol that day , 19 said after being arrested that he was persuaded he was going to fall into a trap, that the army was going to to "take his soul" 19 . He explained that it was him or them: "If I did not take his soul, he would take mine with me" 19 .

A burning chapel in honor of Kyle is erected onFebruary 11, 2013at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas 22 . He is buried onFebruary 12, 2013at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin after a funeral procession along the 320-kilometer road from Midlothian to Austin. On the edge of the road, thousands of Americans pay tribute to Chris Kyle, considered a national hero for many of them 5 .

Following his trial in Texas, Eddie Ray Routh was convicted of the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield 20 . He was sentenced to a sentence of life imprisonment excluding any possibility of early release 20 . The judges of the court of Stephenville (160 km southwest of Dallas ) do not follow the defense arguments supporting the "madness" Routh 23 when he shot his two victims 20 in cold blood.
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