Sisal's Towers, Suicide's Towers || #2

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Today, we continue telling facts and legends that surround the history of the mythical Sisal's Towers, located in Barquisimeto; I invite you to read the first part –in case you have not done it–, so that you enjoy more the reading.




Once I heard the story of a girl who had decided to commit suicide in that place, went something like this:

I believed that the simplest way would be to throw myself from the towers; I had read that during a fall at a certain height you faint and do not feel anything, besides it, was fast. I arrived at night, it was very windy, but I went ahead.

I thought I was going crazy, because as soon as I entered the site, murmurs and whispers began to sound, at first something unintelligible, but the higher it went, the better understood the message: "you're useless, nobody loves you". That only made the situation worse and strengthened the decision he had made.

When I was halfway there, I felt something like an arms pushing me to the edge of the building while they whispered: "Go now! Aren't you good even for this? What are you waiting for? Do it!" I kept going up with tears on my cheeks, I wanted that it stop, I had to throw myself already.

I reached the top floor; I had the city in front of me, my destination only a few feet away, a presence full of hatred behind my back, smiling and pleased with my decision. I closed my eyes and started walking until someone stopped me and saved my life. Apparently, a neighbor noticed when I went up; they went out to look for me and avoided a disaster.

I do not know if she told me that to impress me or, it was totally false, but it is fairly true. You will see, like every adventurous teenager, I entered and climbed the towers once, just to joke with some friends. Even though the area is closed, there are many ways to enter.


Since the building is half built, there are stairs, but not a wall that protects you from falling and, the wind at a certain height has enough force, as if it pushed you, in addition, the atmosphere of "curse" is palpable, loneliness, stories, paintings on the wall, play with your mind.

Already on the top floor, vertigo seizes you; I do not know if it's normal, but when I'm at a certain height, I feel something pull me forward, I think it's natural so that the body to activate and retreat, but it's terrifying.

All these combined sensations make the facts that the girl related –not the supernatural part of course– quite plausible, although we should not forget the fragility of the mind of someone who decides to commit suicide.


It should be noted that these stories inspire popular sayings in the city, for example, it is common to hear someone say "I'm going to jump off the Sisal", when you get bad grades in the semester or, in the case of a breakup: "Are you going to throw from the towers for that?", among other phrases.

Of course, suicide is not a game, but in Barquisimeto, we are happy people, something that sometimes makes us forget the seriousness of the facts.

What is the future of Suicide’s Towers?

There are those who have wanted to start the project again, 10 buildings of 25 floors, with an excellent location in the west of the city –there is a hospital, shopping center, industrial area, schools, universities, etc...–.

Apparently, there is a way that buildings can be built without risks, but the state –the current one and the previous one– has prevented the private sector from taking over the work. Several governments have allocated funds for the project, but these disappear "magically".

I do not think that these historic buildings will be finished soon, but at least actions must be taken to avoid suicides in that place. It does not take much investment; it just has to be put something that –actually– obstructs the entrance.

The neighbors have tried, but boards and sheets are quite fragile for the vandals, a sufficiently strong door should be installed, so that only with machinery can buildings be accessed.

The risk is not only the suicide since such a lonely place is perfect for criminals to destroy; they can hide stolen objects, drugs, it is an "ideal" site for illegal prostitution, among other things undesirable for the city.

I hope that you have enjoyed my article, which Barquisimeto does not scare you for it, the city is wonderful and, things like this are just part of our culture and history. I invite you to see the towers when you visit the capital of the mid-west, but not that you enter.


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Great wrapup. I would definitely not go in there if i ever visit.
Un par de detalles del idioma, @julioccorderoc:
"I'm going to throw away the sisal", i guess you mean to "jump off the Sisal towers".
west center, podría ser mid-west
"but not that you enter." podría ser algo como, but you should not enter/but do not enter.


Agradezco mucho los consejos, el último pensé que estaba bien, pero los dos primeros si los encontraba como raros. Espero que hayas disfrutado la lectura! Saludos!

I did not know about the towers.
In Maracay, there are also some tall towers on Avenida 19 de Abril, of which many people also committed suicide.

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