Serial Killer Series: John Wayne Gacy

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^John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was an American serial killer. He was also a rapist. All his known victims, ranging from teenage boys to young males, were tortured, murdered and buried at his ranch house. He was also known as The Serial Killer Clown since he was a clown performer at children's parties.

Here's a video on YouTube:

Interesting facts:

  1. The movie To Catch A Killer is based on John Wayne Gacy.

  2. While in prison, Gacy took up painting. Some of his works were only purchased to be destroyed.


Goodbye Pogo The Clown
Painted by John Wayne Gacy

  1. Gacy's last words were "Kiss my ass."

Here are several links where I found my information:

Wikipedia article:

Facts found at:


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Oh yes, the clown killer ! What a fascinating villain.... And certainly a very notable one to start your series with :) I think you should include more information to give these articles a bit more meat on the bone :D

That final words of Gacy is so chilling... He didn't regret his crimes, from the sound of it > ___ <

I look forward to the next killer :)


Thanks Lise.