Walker Ranch Homestead and Blacksmithing Demo!

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We raced back to Tucson so I could make it to this event. It was only from 1-3 on Sunday and I really wanted to go and see my friend who is the ranch’s master blacksmith. I’m hoping he can be my in into the craft ( :

The picture above is the homestead owned by Boulder County. It was FREEZING COLD and WINDY!

This is the first place I took shelter. The old wagon barn! It’s amazing how much warmer you can be when you’re out of the wind.

This is the upstairs of the first cabin on the property. It’s wear the “help” stayed. Out the window you can see the blacksmithing barn to the far right.

Downstairs in the little house this was the wall behind the wood burning stove.

They were baking fresh biscuits, with hand churned butter, and chokecherry jam. I cheated on the gluten diet and went for one of the smallest biscuits. It was warm and I was cold.

I finally left the warmth of the wood stove and visited the blacksmith studio. I wish I’d taken more pictures but whateves you’ll see more as I start doing more.

Dave is the one without the vest. The other guy is John, one of his apprentices who I got to meet.

A little before 3 I left. I couldn’t handle the cold. The temp was really dropping and I wasn’t close enough to that forge!

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Blacksmithing is a lot of fun, I recently traveled through NZ and took a day course and made a handy pocket knife, now granted its catered to the tourists but it was still a lot of fun creating it and going through the process!


That's so cool! I've yet to make anything. Just built a forge though. I'll be posting about that soon ( :