Frank Excels At Range Detective And Rejoins The Texas Rangers

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

We're in a series about one of the top Texas Ranger lawmen to ever wear the badge, the great Frank Hamer, who was brought out of retirement to take down Bonnie and Clyde.


In the last post Frank's career and personal life were in turmoil. He quit his job in Houston and moved back to Navasota but sat around for months with nothing to do, his marriage fell apart and Mollie and him got a divorce.

Finally he was working with the Marshal of Navasota, helping him to solve grimes, which was one of his greatest gifts. During the years he spent in Navasota he worked to sharpen his detective skills on dozens of burglaries and other crimes.

Franks was a natural detective

He was so good at it that the Navasota paper told people they might as well not even think of committing any type of crime or burglary because Frank Hamer would work until he found out who it was and they'd be goin to jail.

Well, it was because of his reputation as a detective that got him a job in the Hill Country of West Central Texas, the region he grew up in. He was hired as a range detective to stop the sheep rustling.

Frank finally got back to the country close to where he grew up:

download (6).jpg

This was the region where he was working as a range detective:


He loved it because he was back in the saddle again but his ultimate goal was to rejoin the Texas Rangers along the Rio Grande.

Today's story

That part of the Hill Country had vast ranges with sheep herds and sheep were being stolen all the time but no one could catch the thieves. Frank spent many nights out in the hills staking out sheep herds and watching for rustlers.

He finally figured out the main thief was the son of the region's wealthiest rancher! Long story short, he caught the man amid a flurry of controversy, people couldn't believe it even though he was caught in the act.

Of course Frank didn't care who it was doing the thievin. If you did the crime you're doin the time. Some law enforcement would have gone to the rich father and cut a deal to enrich letting the son go.

Trouble on the border

Like I mentioned earlier Frank's dream was to be back in the saddle riding the Rio Grand as a Texas Ranger.

The Mexican Revolution with Pancho Villa and other rebels were causing chaos in Mexico and lots of trouble spilled over the border into Texas.

The governor appropriated funds to expand the number of Texas Rangers to help control the border and do what they had always done best, which was hunt down and kill bandits and outlaws.

Frank was itchin to go and his appeal to the governor was granted, he was assigned a Ranger unit to report to.

The most dangerous volunteer work there was

Frank was born to be a Ranger, it was who he was, but it was like volunteering because the pay was the same as it was when he left them 5 years before, a paltry $40 per month!

Basically enough to keep your horse fed and buy your cigarettes.


Frank's career with the Rangers restarts in the next post.

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

PS- I have another incedible gravity defying sculpture, this one by British artist Marc Quinn called "Planet." This thing is made of bronze and steel and weighs 7 tons! But looks like it's floating:



This is in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay, which look like a fantastic place to visit! Need to ask sir @quotes-haven about that.






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Mornin’ Cowboy! I’m glad Frank is 🎵 back in the saddle again. 🎶

lol! That's an old song isn't it? I don't even know where it's from and I probably should!

Here it is.

You found it! lol..great job redheadpei! Now I remember it, thanks for finding that, it was fun listening to the words!

Evenin’ Cowboy! My father had all these songs. i remember i invited a friend over after school and we played some of these old records.

She mistakenly sat on a stack of the records, laying on the couch, and broke quite a few. I got rid of the broke ones before Dad found out but ( like all parents) he eventually found out what happened.

I thought the words of this song certainly fit Frank’s lifestyle.

Oh no! Did you get into trouble over those records? I agree, they fit Frank's situation and lifestyle.

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Howdy esteemapp! Thanks so much for the great platform and the upvote!

Cheers! 🤗

Morning janton, the sculpture is certainly a feat of engineering and art.

  ·  last month (edited)

Howdy today angiemitchell! I know, I wish someone would explain how they do that. lol. It seems too heavy to be able to stay in that position!

No I agree but cleverly balanced with steel and iron that are heavy dense materials. A puzzle! Isn't it interesting what attracts people to do in the world?

ps: there was a third day that was a babysitting day. Haha. Forgot about that one.

Yes, artists are always a mystery to me. When they talk and explain their work I'm always left scratching my head and having no clue what they just said! lol. But they always amaze so that's okay.

Sounds like Texas was well served with him in the saddle!

That kid at 14,000 pounds is an Engineering nightmare. All that force has to go through the hand on the ground, and up that arm! The frame design will make or break this artwork!


I agree sir smithlabs, I'd like to see the framework before it was covered with bronze. No matter how strong it was they had to make it lighter on the ends, right?

The critical part is the hand and armpit, any flaw either place would finish the statue entirely. The ability to cast this large of a statue is impressive too, THAT is a significant pour!


I agree. I'd like to see how they did it!
Hey, I got all the bolts out of the jeep oil pan but the pan is stuck on there and they say don't pry it off so how do you get it off?

The gasket is bonded on both sides. Pry it loose and it will drop off. You need to be sure to remove all the old gasket totally! Scrape in line with the casting, but never across. An accidental scratch in line will not leak, but across can!

I finally got it off. It doesn't look bad, only a couple of bolt holes have rust on one side of them.

DON'T leave it open any longer than you Have to! Open will allow dirt to get in.


yeah I worked on it for awhile today until my neck and shoulder started to hurt, then I put the old one back on with a couple of bolts to protect it.

Pry it loose? Can't that bend the flange? Gotcha on the scraping.

If you bend a pan you are replacing....

Trick my Dad taught me on the scraping.


That's a good trick. There's a rubber bead left on the engine that will take awhile to get off without scratching it, man, that sealant they used was awesome.

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Howdy steem-plus! Thanks so much for the upvote!

I love the stories you tell about these larger than life legends, both the good and the bad. Occasionally the thought crosses my mind that some people become wealthy not only by their own hard work, but sometimes by their nefarious dealings as well lol.

I also love all the art you bring to us!!

Howdy today tamaralovelace! Thanks so much, I really like the stories that people don't know much about but that are remarkable. I think so many wealthy people, especially before we had so many regulations and laws, got there by being total crooks!

I'm so glad you appreciate the art I keep finding. Lots of people don't care for history that much but they find the artwork fascinating. Either way I appreciate their visits and thanks so much for the comment!

Sorry haven't been keeping up with story sir janton but the photos do tell a great story...Cheers 👍

Oh that's no problem sir hangin. Most people can't follow along every day so that's okay!

I do read the short break down so it gives me a little inside 👍

Thank you sir hangin!

Most welcome 👍

Seems that nothing has changed as even today rich kids are caught for nefarious activities Sir @janton.
Great that Frank is back with the rangers.

I guess the saying "Kids will be kids" is universal!

That sculpture is really freaky.

I got to wondering about Frank's divorce. I know I made a flippant comment about it, but got to thinking that divorce was not all that common back then. Was there something scandalous about it? Seems odd that they'd both just decide they don't work well together when, back then, that wasn't generally a divorceable excuse.

Very astute sir wwwiebe. It's true that people did not get divorced back then, especially God-fearing men like Frank and I assume Mollie probably was too. The problem is, he was very private and didn't talk about it. The biography I'm reading is painstakingly detailed and thorough and even he(the author) couldn't find out what happened from relatives.

The only thing he could come up with is that Frank was very anxious to have kids and the author thought since they didn't have any, that perhaps Mollie was not able to have them. It had to be something major like that.

Okay, the floating naked baby sculpture is a little crreepy... lol

lol..I agree, it's awesome the way they did it but it's still creepy. Why he called that one Planet I'm not sure.

Howdy Janton! Well, I was happy Frank is back doing his dream job, but his paycheck is next to nothing again!!! That is ridicules!!!

Anyway, I had few busy day, but now I am here catching up. Altough, it's getting late, so I will be back tomorrow.

The floating baby is mind blowing! And what's even more interesting is that it is near the Singapore gardens. I am familiar with them, they are famous and I would love to visit them someday. But I had no idea the baby is there too!

I think the baby is a fairly new addition to the Gardens, it's stunning but kind of strange to have a huge naked baby sculpture, or at least it is to me. lol.

Howdy Janton! I must agree, it is strange, lol.

By the way, I came across this post form Arizona............I though you may be interested.

Wow that was indeed a very interesting post with so many great photos, thanks Miss Lena!

He actulay has more, if you click on the links at the bottom f this post. He photographed lots of places you wrote about. You have to see it!

So he must live in Arizona or somewhere around there. That's interesting, I hadn't seen his username before, it's amazing that almost everyday I see people that have been around a long time and I've never seen them.