World's longest wall "The Great Wall of China"

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The Great Wall of China - The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications, which are made using stones, bricks, wood and other metals. It is generally built on the northern border of China, which also preserves Chinese states. This wall has many times protected China from attacks on China.

In the 7th century, many other such walls were also constructed, but the Great Wall of China is the longest and largest wall of all of them. This wall was built by China's first ruler, She Hong, in 220-206 BCE. But only a part of the wall built by them can be seen by us today. Since then, this Great Wall has always been repaired from time to time and has made significant improvements. Most of the current wall was constructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Other major objectives of this Great Wall include border security, assistance in the transfer of goods, ease of doing business and assisting migrants. Along with this, the protective features of The Great Wall include its towers, barracks of soldiers, garrison stations, the ability to indicate smoke and fire, and traffic routes etc.

• According to legend, the wall of the Great Wall of China is an unbreakable, single and only walled wall. But in fact, only a few parts of this whole wall were built in different times, by different empires to preserve the northern boundary of China.

• The Great Wall of China is not included in the seven ancient wonders of the world. Whereas it has been included in the seven medieval wonders of the world.

• The Great Wall o China is also known as "Long Wall of 10,000".

• In 1987, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had included the Great Wall of China in its World's Great National and Historical Sites.

• At the time of its construction, the Great Wall of China was named "Land of the Longest Graveyard". Many people died as they were making it. It is said that the construction of this wall was completed-as many more than 1 million laborers were killed.

• According to legends, a supporting dragon had composed The Great Wall of China for the employees. In which the producers were following the path of the dragon.

• The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the world.

• It is said that in the last 2000 years, 31070 miles (50,000 kilometers) protected walls have been constructed in China. Where the Earth's circumference is 24,854 miles (40,000 kilometers).

• Because of the break-up between the Great Wall of China, the Mongol army led by Janghej Khan did not take much time to cross the wall, and as soon as he left, he passed most of Northern China in 1211 AD and 1223 AD. Was captured. By 1368 they had begun to rule over China. But after that Ming defeated Mongol.

• It is said that during the Ming Dynasty, more than 1 million soldiers had protected the Great Wall of China from the invasion of non-Chinese and Barbarian.

• During the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-78), the Great Wall of China had become a sign of dictatorship and people used to use bricks here in their fields or houses.

• In 1972, when President Nixon China came to visit, he also promoted the tourism of the Great Wall of China. In which he also repaired many places of the wall and the Chinese government also started to make good arrangements for the supervision of the passengers coming here.

• It is said that the garage used to fill the stones while making the Great Wall of China was made with human bones and that person was dumped in the same wall so as to strengthen the wall. While actually seen, this gar was manufactured from rice flour.

Prior to the Ming Dynasty, The Great Wall of China was constructed from Pathro and Adobe. While brick was used when making it in the Ming Dynasty.

• The Chinese had discovered the wheel only, and it was mostly used to make the Great Wall.

• It is said that some part of the Great Wall of China's Gansu province will disappear due to erosion in the next 20 years.

• The Great Wall of China protects travelers traveling on Silk Road with their towers.

• Most of the Great Wall of China is surrounded by defensive ditch, some of which are either filled with water and are either empty.

• The last war on the Great Wall of China was fought between the Republic of China and Japan Empire during the Senate-Japan War in 1938. Even today the marks of the firing made in the war appear on its walls.

• Many temples have been built to worship the God of war on the Great Wall of China. In China 'Guandi' is considered to be the god of war.

• The Great Wall of China's wall is 25 feet high and 15-30 feet wide at some places.


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