The Story of the Struggle of Cut Nyak Dhien the hero of Indonesia

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Dutch writer MH Skelely Lulofs writes biopic novel Cut Nyak Dhien: The Story of War of the Queen of Aceh. Narrating the struggle of Cut Nyak Dhien leading the war against the Dutch. The people of Aceh call it Prang Sibi against kaphe Ulanda or holy holy war against the Dutch kafir.

Aceh was one of the last areas the Dutch could conquer. An independent Aceh Sultanate was known at that time. They also have diplomatic relations with America, Italy and Turkey.

The greedy Dutch tried to colonize the sultanate of Aceh by sending its warships in 1873. They assessed Aceh's strategic position to trade in the bustling Malacca Strait.

The Citadel van Antwerpen warship cannon opened a long and bloody Aceh War.

The 1873-1904 war took a lot of costs and casualties on both sides. On the Dutch side, 35,000 soldiers were killed. While 70,000 Acehnese died. No less than a million people were injured during this war.

The resistance never really broke down until 1942 when the Dutch were expelled from Aceh from Japan. Dutch troops were never able to subdue the Acehnese who were as hard as steel.


Wrath of Seeing a Mosque Burned by the Dutch

Cut Nyak Dhien was born in 1848 from a prominent family in Lampadang, Aceh Sultanate. His father Teuku Nanta Seutia was an ulubalang who led several villages.

Little Cut Nyak Dhien was educated with strong Islamic teachings. He was married to Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga when he was 12 years old.

When the first Aceh War broke out, on April 8, 1873, the Dutch landed at Ceureumen Beach. The troops under General Johan Harmen Rudolf Kohler immediately attacked Baiturrahman Grand Mosque.

Kohler then burns it. According to him, the mosque is the headquarters of the Acehnese fighters that must be destroyed.

Cut Nyak Dhien was furious with the Dutch action. He shouted blasphemy burning Baiturahman Mosque.

"O all believers named Acehnese! Take a look! Watch for yourself with your eyes! Our mosque is burning! They oppose Allah Subhanahuwataala! Your place of worship is destroyed! God's name is defiled! Keep that in mind! Let us not forget that kind of pagan mind! Are there still Acehnese who like to forgive the same heathen sins? Are there still Acehnese who like to be Dutch infidel slaves? "

The anger of Cut Nyak Dhien just subsided when her husband returned from the battlefield and reported that General Kohler was shot dead by Acehnese fighters in the yard of Masjid Baiturahman.


Choose a husband who can fight the Netherlands

Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga always struggled on the front lines against the Dutch. In a battle in Gie Tarum, Ibrahim was killed.

Cut Nyak Dhien's anger in the Netherlands became even worse. To continue the struggle he married Teuku Umar.

At first Cut Nyak Dhien could reject Umar's proposal. But when Umar promised he could go to war, the application was accepted. Umar also promised to help Cut Nyak Din avenge the death of her husband.

Their marriage was held in 1880. It was the age of Cut Nyak Dhien 32 years, while Umar was two years younger. Both of them still have relatives. From Umar Cut Nyak Dhien had a child named Cut Gambang.

This marriage adds to the enthusiasm of the Acehnese people. Both of them attacked Dutch posts. Losses on the part of the invaders are not small.

Teuku Umar once worked out, he pretended to surrender to the Dutch side. He behaved really like a traitor until the people of Aceh were very angry. On the contrary, the Dutch became very confident in Umar.

One day Teuku Umar was assigned to a mission. The Dutch also gave him a large amount of weapons, bullets and money. But then Umar instead fled to bring these various equipment and distribute them to Aceh fighters. Umar again led the battle against the Dutch.

Syahid people do not need to be cried

In 1896, Teuku Umar led and held all the command of the Aceh war. He was assisted by his wife Cut Nyak Dhien and Panglima Pang Laot. The first time in the history of the Aceh war, the Aceh army was held by a single command.

But in an ambush in Meulaboh, Teuku Umar was ambushed by Dutch troops. At that time he and his troops were not ready to accept the attack. The War Commander was killed with a chest pierced by a Dutch bullet on February 11, 1899.

Although grieving, Cut Nyak Dhien did not want to cry. He scolded his son who was crying over his father's departure.

"We women should not weep in the presence of those who have been martyred," he said.

Cut Nyak Dhien promised to continue the struggle to the death. Continue the action of both her husband who was killed in Prang Sibi.

"As long as I'm alive we still have the power, this guerrilla war will we go on! For the sake of Allah! Umar is indeed a Shah! Let us continue the work! For Religion! For the independence of our nation! For Aceh! Allah is the Greatest!"

Unwilling to be handed over to the Netherlands

Slowly, one by one the Aceh warrior could be defeated by the Dutch. Cut Nyak Dhien's position was even more squeezed in the forest. His illness worsened even made him almost blind.

Cut Nyak Dhien's men, Pang Laot, reported the location of his headquarters to the Dutch because of pity. He asked the Dutch to treat Cut Nyak Dhien with respect.

The Dutch then attacked the Cut Nyak Dhien headquarters in Beutong Le Sageu. When his army was defeated, Cut Nyak Dhien spit on Pang laot.

He said it would be better for his chest to be stabbed to death than to have to surrender to the Dutch infidel.

After being arrested, Cut Nyak Dhien was taken to Banda Aceh and treated there. The illness is myopic and rheumatism gradually heals.

Cut Nyak Dhien was finally banished to Sumedang, West Java, because of Dutch fears that his presence would create a spirit of resistance. At the exile he was called Mother Perdu because of his expertise in religious knowledge. On November 6, 1908, Cut Nyak Dhien died of his age.

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