Today in History: Babe Ruth sets another record

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Even if you don't like baseball you have almost certainly heard of Babe Ruth. He is a legend among legends in the sport and even though most of his records have actually been broken by other people (which is fair since it was nearly 100 years ago) no one has emerged as being as overwhelmingly dominant as this man was.


The year was 1929. During a game against the Cleveland Indians, Babe hit is 500th home run to become the first person to ever accomplish such a feat. Here we are nearly 100 years and thousands of games later and there are a mere 27 people that have reached this level of epicness, the latest of which was David Ortiz who hit is 500th in 2015.


One thing that I have always found a bit humorous about The Babe is that the dude didn't even appear to be very athletic and he actually seemed awkward when he would run the bases. Perhaps that is why he tried to hit the ball into the parking lot every time he was at bat, so he wouldn't have to over exert himself on the journey.

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A legend for sure!

He looks like he would be a tommy gun totin' type of guy! Just by his facial expression lol. He looks badass.

!giphy babe+ruth

Wow it is really a long time to know about such history about Babe Ruth. Quite interesting to know

He really was one of the greatest. I wish I had been more into sports when I was younger. Not that I would have seen him, but there are many great players I missed out on because I wasn't that into sports.

Perhaps if he had trained well, he would have broken much more records.

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