Round Cloud and Trumpets Sounding from inside the cloud over Jerusalem ? VERY STRANGE INDEED.steemCreated with Sketch.

in history •  11 months ago

I wanted to get your all's take on these videos. Last year on October 1st, 2016 a Large Round Cloud formed over Jerusalem. There were 2 different videos recording it from 2 different locations. The clouds seem to be being pulled into the circle. This is something I've never seen. The very strange thing is that different trumpets can be heard omitting from the Cloud formation. Watch the videos and respond as to what you think could cause this. I've tried to examine the videos to discount them as fake, but I cannot. If these are fake they are made out of holly wood or something. Looks to be very real indeed. Have a great day all. Cheers.

(Video 1 uploaded by Mr. Ed Rz on youtube)

(Video 2 uploaded by RevMichelleHopkinsMann on youtube)

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Whoa. No words if this is for real??


You took the words right out of my mouth. I'll have to do some more research to see if anyone else filmed this .


Yeah - it looks a little unbelievable, but I'm not someone who is closed to these phenomena either, so I'm interested.

I like this video

this post is historical post..thanks for sharing my friend@crowe


Yes. Very Welcome.


thanks my friend

this is fantastic video.thanks for sharing

Ronan Barry appears to be a special effects videographer.
Here is a Snopes link for anyone that still has critical thinking faculties left:
Many early versions of this footage claimed that it showed a “mysterious” or “religious” event, and those postings also included a link back to the original video, which was made by Ronen Barany (which has since been deleted). It should be noted that Barany is a graphic artist whose YouTube channel is filled with videos showcasing special effects:


And just for the record: if one were to take the Bible literally there should be about 10 people in the know as far as the truth of what God is up to. Not much more than the family of Noah....Just as in the days of Noah....One family had it right....The rest? Not so much!


Anyone with even minimal skill could overlay a previous video on one they shot from their balcony..
But, just for a moment let's say it's real: it wouldn't tell us anything about who's right when it comes to about 33,000 particular strains and claims within the western theological tradition....I say it's Brahma acting like Jehovah and you couldn't prove me wrong...

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