A Local Historical Building Demolished

in history •  9 months ago


At the corner of North Marion Avenue and West 3rd Street sat the former Pennsylvania Hotel, later known as the Goncho Apartments.

I took the photo above a little over a year ago, not knowing that the building would be destroyed. I'm glad I did, because this building has been a landmark, (and somewhat of an eyesore in later years), for a century and a half. The railroad, formerly the Rock Island and Milwaukee Road, is just down the street. History states that this building was once a luxurious restaurant and hotel for travelers stopping here.


Now it is a pile of rubble, as you can see from this photo I took last week from almost the exact same vantage point.


A new multi-family housing dwelling will replace this building, which our town needs, but it is somewhat of a shame to see history knocked down.


ID Photo (1).JPG

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People don't care about the value of the landmarks! I'n my neighborhood same thing happened what to do they lawyer-ed up we couldn't do any thing. Happy to see there is still people left like me. Thanks


Typically the people who actually care about the value of landmarks are the ones who don't have the money to save them from demolition.

Now it is only in the history books. Reminds me of big trees I pass by, then are no more. A landmark that was there for 150 to 200 years. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the old trees.


I hate seeing nice, big trees cut down. Such a loss of shade, beauty, and air purification.

Wow i love those pictures. What camera do you use @countryinspired and have miss your post since and where have you been to


Samsung Galaxy S7. Thanks!